The llama 12 mana match

Normally, I post about great wins I have had. Well I thought I would change it up a bit with this post, and show a match I lost.

The llama 12 mana match

I sometimes think the llama performs best on low mana matches, because the last stand comes into play early on.

However the llama uses up 7 mana, leaving only 5 mana for the monsters. This leaves that monster to vulnerability form high mana monsters.

A usually technique of mine is to play the llama with stone golem level 1. This is a very risky strategy, as if the enemy has any healing monsters, the stone golem's attack under last stand is only 2 melee.

Anyway I saw no healing ruleset and took the opportunity to use the stone golem


As can be seen the combination of thorns and the unicorn were too much for my stone golem.

Mylor crowling is quite a powerful summoner. I think the earth summoners are quite powerful, so I am guessing the chaos legion earth summoners are going to be a little weaker to rebalance things.

who is your favourite summoner... comment below.