Newbie Starter Pack Page 1: Getting Started



The Prologue:

Since I have a few referrals now (and probably will have more referrals soon), I'm going to make a Newbie Starter Pack that you can just pull out whenever you're loss in the game. This Newbie Starter Pack is a series wherein I will teach you the ins and outs of the game. Splinterlands has many mechanics, game rules and stuff that it will LITERALLY blow your mind in your first week. This game is not newbie friendly. That is why I am here to dumb down the game for you, and let you understand the intricacy of this wonderful game.

This guide will be divided into sections for easier search if you want to review something that you forgot. At the end of this series, I will make a link page for each one that we will tackle. Again, I will make this as newbie friendly as possible. I will also apologize in advance if I will have some misspellings, wrong grammars and whatnot as english is not my primary language.

This tutorial is different than those you find online. Rather than those "Newbie Starter Card" style where you're introduced with a lineup and you just blindly follow it, I want to have you understand the game to its core, think on what combos you can do and adapt to your opponent. This is not like League of Legends wherein you can use one setup and take it to challenger. No, sir. In Splinterlands, you MUST be able to adapt to play and win in the higher league.

After that long intro, let's get started.

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The Home Page:

This is the home page and the first thing you will see when you login to Splinterlands. I will not discuss everything here in detail because you don't need to know some of these things yet. I will focus on the ones that matters most.

For now, we will discuss 4 of them:

  • The Main Shop;
  • The Cards Section;
  • The Marketplace;
  • The Battle Lobby.

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The main shop is where you go to buy card packs. Currently, all card packs are sold out but a new pack is coming soon in 8 days. Be sure to check @splinterlands for more info and update.

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Cards List.PNG

You can find here the cards that we're going to use in the game.

  1. These are the filter options. You use these to filter the cards to find what you need faster. We will discuss this further in the marketplace.
  2. These are the list of cards that will show based on the filters you selected above.

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Card Shop - Discuss rental in detail in another blog.PNG

The Marketplace is probably where you're going to be 50% of the time. Here, you can rent, buy or sell cards. You can also buy other miscellaneous items here to help you in your journey. The renting part, we will discuss that deeper in another time. For now, let me give you some information on what you will see in here.

  1. Tabs: As stated, not only you can buy and sell cards here, you can also rent cards. You click on the tab you want to get to the other options.
  2. These are clickable links associated with Splinterlands. You can explore them on their own websites once you click those links.
  3. Filter options: This would be useful when you're trying to find a specific card. You can narrow down your list the more filter options you apply. This has the same function as the ones in the cards section.
  4. Another part of Filter options. I separated it because unlike the filter options, these are more on the sorting part of the cards. You can click on the drop down menu to organize how the cards show, like the cheapest to most expensive cards.
  5. Again, these are the list of cards that would show based on the filters you applied. You can find the price of the card at the upper part however, it is not accurate. If you click on the card, you can find more options depending on the selling player's input on its price.

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Battle Lobby:


This would be the Battle Lobby. These are information related on your matches, rewards, missions, etc.

  1. Season Timer: Each season lasts for 15 days. When the timer runs out, the season ends and you will receive rewards based on what league you currently are by the end of that season.
  2. Pending Rewards: Tentative number of loots that you will get when season ends. Mine says 9 because I am currently in Bronze 1. Different leagues will have different numbers of loots by the end of the season. Try to get to the best league you can.
  3. Previous Season Rewards: In case you missed it, you can click this and it will open another window and show what season rewards you got from the previous season.
  4. League Banner: This shows the current league you are playing at.
  5. Rating and Collection Power: In order to get to a higher league, you will be required a certain rating, which you get after matches, and Collection power, which is based on the cards you currently have.
  6. Game Modes: Clicking the left or right arrow will change the game mode. You can use this if you want to practice or challenge a friend to a friendly duel.
  7. Start Button: Click this to queue into battle.
  8. Daily Quest: This have information on the current quest you have. If you're having a hard time beating a quest, you can refresh it once. Daily quests refresh every 24 hours. The amount of loot you will gain finishing a quest depends on the league you currently are.
  9. Match History: This shows the previous matches. You can replay and share it with your friends. Sharing it will automatically link for referral to your account. You can also see the top battles, leaderboard and your last season ranking with this option.
  10. Search Bar: You can look for a player's match history and account using this search bar.

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To be continued...

I know it's a lot to digest so that would be all for now. You can explore the other options as well like guilds or events for tournaments but as a new player, your main focus should be on battling and improving, thus these are the options that I think you should know for now.

While waiting for the next page, please consider using my referral:

for possible rewards. You may get a free card that may cost up to $11,000 if you sell it on the marketplace.

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If you have any questions, suggested combos, any violent reactions, feel free to comment it down below.

Good day and see you in the Arena.