Season ending, opening presents every two weeks is cool :D


we really can't complain as Splinterlands players, yes, our reward as Bronze players got nerfed, but still, I'm not complaining! I'm playing on 2 accounts wich are both in Bronze 1 now, so I was opening 18 chests in total, there's a real difference in luck between the two accounts this time, but you can't always throw 6 :)

This is what I got when opening the chests on my first account:
splinterlands rewards nozem 3110.jpg
2 rares and 4 common's when I have a 30% chance for every chest to pull a cars is not bad at all!

I can't be so lucky 2 times of course, this was my 2nd account:
splinterlands rewards nozem01 3110.jpg

after this, I went shopping on MonsterMarket with some funds I earned while reading articles on Publish0x. While you don't get rich from it, I transfered $46 in TRX via KuCion (because of the low transaction fees) to my splinterlands account and bought a bunch of new reward cards with it, because I think they will go up once we have the modern and wild game format and people come to realize they won't be able to use their old trusted Alpha and Beta starter cards anymore.
Shopping on MonsterMarket gives you a 60% return of the 5% fee the ingame splinterlands market charges, and it's deposited in your Hive account as DEC, so when you go shopping, you'll get an extra airdrop bonus for the DEC that's sitting there if you just let if stay in there.

Oh! and another great tip I just learned, when you run out of Resource Credits as a splinterlands player (I ran out because I was shopping outside of the splinterlands in game market) just rent a 0.1 DEC card for 1 day, the game will detect you're low on RC and automatically delegates you more, so I went up 20% after a couple of minutes.

Well that's it for now, I need to scratch my way back up from the 300 rating I fell down to because of season end. O wow, I just did a battle to see if the DEC rewards are better at the start of the season again, they where last time, I was getting 8-12 DEC each win, while later I was getting around 4 DEC.
after my win I saw this:
no dec.jpg
bummer.. I forgot about that XD

If you like to take a look on Publish0x and subscribe, please use my Referral Link
again, you won't get rich from it, but there are some nice crypto related articles sometimes to read.


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wow your first account got a pretty stacked reward haul. you did better then me and im silver 3!