NFG Guild is looking for members!


Hi everyone! today I'm writing my post to hopefully find some members, new or experienced for our Splinterlands Guilds!

Feel free to join our guilds Discord server to hang out

In September 2021, NFG Club - Legion I was created, I'm glad we still have some members with us from that time, friendship, community and loyalty is what gives a gaming experience something extra in my opinion.
You can find Legion I here.

For our main guild, we are looking for an experienced player, preferably (but not a must) with a gold deck to fill the open frays.
we ask a 100 DEC weekly donation to slowly grow the guild buildings.
it's only $0.08 cents at current prices and we earn way more with the brawl rewards (merits and gladiator cards)



Last month, in April 2023 we created NFG Club - Legion II so help and support new players, it was when splinterlands had the collaboration with the Wasder app and some new players joined.
You can find Legion II here.

For our new guild, we are looking for new and experienced casual players, free to play, just help us win more rewards as we work together in our brawls.


This is the latest brawl result of Legion I, we really did a good job and we finished 3rd, our first time in the top 3 since we moved up to Brawl Tier 2 a few weeks ago! We could have performed even better if we could have filled more frays.

splinterlands banner.png
Thank you for reading!!!

If you haven't made an account already, please consider using my referral link to sign up, I'll happily send the amount I get for your signup back to you in DEC or SPS to help you start.

Have a great day!

splinterlands banner1.png