The Changes To Splinterlands Rewards Are Probably For The Best


In case you haven't heard, there are further changes coming to the Splinterlands rewards system which you can read here:

Because the value of DEC has skyrocketed, just paying $10 for the summoner's spellbook and farming rewards in the lower leagues has become rather profitable.

So the two big changes for me are:

  1. Bronze DEC rewards to be changed to credits instead
  2. DEC/Credit rewards capped at the highest rank of the league you're in

Affected by both

My max league is Silver I which gets reset to Bronze I. So at the start of the season, I will be getting credit rewards instead.

Then, I usually wait a couple of days, till around day 7 of the season before promoting to Silver. Mainly because I don't want to battle all those strong opponents and keep losing and losing.

Bot armies

So why do I think the changes are necessary? If you consider a small individual player, they don't make sense to worry about the 30-50 cents that they are making

But it is when you consider that you could essentially scale that operation up 1000x and make a ton of money just running a script that the changes really do same necessary.

I'd hate for Splinterlands to be controlled by a few accounts who farmed rewards efficiently. Bots themselves do a valuable service of providing 'opponent liquidity' so they're not completely evil or unnecessary.

I'm pretty sure the bots will still be profitable after this. Just maybe not as much.