Hello Splinterlandsers!

Today I want to share my battle for weekly challenge! DRAGONS.
This is my Second Post of about this weekly challenge, DRAGONS.

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The Drake of Arnak is a medium-sized Dragon hybrid. He is highly intelligent and extremely rich, but cannot fly nor breathe fire.

All his life he has honed his skills as a summoner, hoping to win a share of the glory that should rightfully be his as a carrier of the fire blood. The Drake's trademark is that his monsters are summoned to battle with a thin force field of blue fire, fortifying their defenses.



Battle Rule

  • Heavy Hitters : All monsters do double damage when attacking an enemy that is stunned.
  • Mana Cost 22
  • Allow Summoner : Fire, Earth, Life, Death and Dragons.

Heavy Hitters.jpg

The battle rule is something to be aware of. We may only use certain Summoners. Mana Cost is appropriate.

I have to choose Lineup carefully. I think the opponent team is likely to use with the Fire Summoner or Death Summoner.

I decided that, most of player are using Water, Fire or Death Summoners at this mana cost. So I decided to use the Dragon summmoner with Life Splinter.



SUMMONER : Dragon Summoner(DRAKE OF ARNAK) + Life Splinters

  • Reason for Picking: In this battle, DRAKE OF ARNAK, He is a good Summoner for appropriate mana cap battles. I want to use his powerful Dragon Shields. By the complex of Dragons and Death splinters power are nicely to use most of battles.



First Position Tank: SACRED UNICORN

  • Reason for Picking: SACRED UNICORN
    (Mana cost 7, speed 3, Melee attack 3, shield 0 and lives 7, with ability "Heal").

It is a Legendary card of Life Units.

I like his Melee attack damages and his specially ability "Heal" and these are very effected in battle rounds.
I use him to refill his health by himself and strongly stand at the 1st place tanker.
It is nice to use as a 1st place tank for death elemental line up.
I guess , It is suitable for this battle.


Second Position: CELESTIAL HARPY

  • Reason for Picking: CELESTIAL HARPY

( Mana cost 2, Speed 2, melee attack 1, lives 2 and shield 0) .

I use her for good second attacker. Her special ability is"Flying and Opportunity".

So she is a good second attacker in this battle rounds.


Third Position: TIME MAGE

  • Reason for Picking: TIME MAGE

(Mana cost 4, speed 4, Magic attack 1 and lives 3 ).

She is one of a rare type of life units. her ability is "Slow".

I choose her as a magic attacker for my attack team. Her slow ability is very support in battle rounds.



  • Reason for Picking: SILVERSHIELD ARCHERS

(Mana cost 2, Speed 2, Range attack 1 and lives 1 ).

He is a good Range attack supporter. He have "Snipe" ability and his range attacks were good support in battle fields.

I choose him as a range attacker for my back team.


Fifth Position: FERAL SPIRIT

  • Reason for Picking: FERAL SPIRIT

(Mana cost 3, Speed 4, Melee attack 1 and lives 2 ).

He is a good Melee attacker. His melee attack with "Sneak" ability are very useful for attack team.

I choose him as a Melee attack supporter for my back team.



Battle Rule

  • Heavy Hitters : All monsters do double damage when attacking an enemy that is stunned.
  • Mana Cost 22
  • Allow Summoner : Fire, Earth, Life, Death and Dragons.

Battle Rounds


[ROUND- 1]


  • At the start of the first round after seeing my enemy used Fire Summoner. His team line up is strong tank, damage reducer, strong sneak attackers and supporter. So his team was prepared with strong line up.

  • At this first round, opponent team's second place damage reducer is fall and my team still stand with full team.


[ROUND- 2]


  • In this round two, my team fourth place range attacker is fall. Now both of our tank are low in health position. Then 3rd round is arrive.


[ROUND- 3]


  • In this round three, opponent team's strong tank and his back row opportunity attacker are fall. This is good condition for my team.

  • At the end of this round two, Opponent team stand with two team members and my team with four. My team tanker is strong in health again because of his self healing ability.


[ROUND- 4]


  • In this round fourth, opponent team lose his last place supporter again. My team did not lose any team-mate. Now opponent tam left only one melee attacker and my team left four team-mate. It is good condition for my team.


[ROUND- 5]


  • This round fifth clearly seem goes to the end of battle. After some attacks, the last one melee attacker of opponent team's is fall and battle is end with victory for my team.


[Battle End Resault]


  • Opponent team's line-up is strong with complex attackers.
    Until the last minute, this battle is led me to an exciting battle.

png lines 6.png

Battle Results Reaction:

  • My team : An excellent whole team performance that leads my team to victory. With the combination of Dragon and Life splinters, the whole team power is up. The speedy attacker of Melee, Sneak and magic attackers at the behind tanker are show their full powers. The damage reducer supporter in particular was well supported. That was a good lineup for an Dragon + Life Elemental Team for appropriate mana cost battles.

  • Opponent team : His line up is complex with strong tank, damage reducer, main Sneak attackers. After the fall of his main strong tanker, the remain attackers are going to weak. But I support that his line up is very strong Fire elemental line up too.

splinterlands line2.png

Telling about My lineup

  • The main point for appropriate mana cost battle is choosing the fasted attackers with good damage attacks. If you have "Thorns" or "Shield" ability tanker, you must choose him exactly. In this battle, I choose my tanker with "Heal" ability.

  • My lineup are consists of 1 melee attack tanker with "Heal" ability. Then follower monsters as 1 melee attacker with "opportunity" ability, 1 support magic attacker with "Slow" ability , 1 range attacker and at the last place is 1 melee attacker with "Sneak" ability. I think, this lineup is nice to use for "Dragon + Life Elemental Team" battles. I use my lineup which depend on battle rules.

splinterlands line2.png

My strategy work?

Yes it did work as the Dragon + Life Elemental. In the battle field, with Heal ablity tanker provides the good strong tanker positions for melee attacks battles. With "Sneak and Slow" ability attackers are support the team attack damages. In this battle "DRAGONS+Life" splinters are show their perfect attacking powers. However, it is the collective strength of the whole team that makes a team strong. I like Dragon + any other elemental line up.

splinterlands line2.png

What will you try differently next time?

In later matches, "DRAGONS" will be used in many other line-ups with other Splinters. I would love to twist some changes. But for now I like that lineup to work as it's really a good combination for appropriate mana cost battles. I want to meet more amazing Battles with "DRAGONS".

However, if I will use a higher level "DRAGONS" in the future, I will definitely use better cards to team up with.

splinterlands line2.png

Do you like the "DRAGONS"? Why or why not?

I'm in the Bronze Leagues. So, I love to use "DRAGONS" because of they can easily combine with other elemental team. It can join with other attackers and team up a strong line up. We believe in their special dragon abilities.

In the future, I will try to use it on higher leagues as soon as I find my way as well to climb up there first.


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Special thanks to Splinterlands Game

Thanks you for visiting my post.
Good luck and see you around.

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Nice battle sharing.


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I don't think the flounder I caught today was very happy with me.
He kept looking at me kinda sideways.

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