DYGYCON 9 - The Unofficial Dygycon Marathon/Race Hosted By Nytehawker


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Hi I am Nytehawker, Splinterlands & Rising Star Twitch Streamer.

This race was hatched to encourage members of my stream to check out Dygycon and get involved in a live race.

Contestants were officially entered via stream but we did have an extra contestant join in for fun.

Mosho-o took the early lead around the entrance billboard, but was shortly overtaken by Bokica80 at the water.
Subashtechy made a valiant attempt to climb the beanstalk but fell over as Mosho-o came to join the climb.
Arcmilla made a brave attempt to jump up to the entrance ledge but fell and got stuck behind the pot plants.
Mosho-O managed to get to the ledge first followed by Subastechy and Teamvanguardz for 3rd.

1st - Mosho-o
2nd - Subashtechy
3rd- Teamvanguardz
4th - Dan
5th - Bokica80
DNF - MrSango
DNF- taewlee
DNF - Arcmilla

All official contestants received a participation prize outside of the winners.

I think we will definitely host another race at the next Dygycon where contestants will be required to navigate
part of Dygycon and complete various tasks throughout the race!

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