Splinterlands Card Population Spotlight - Episode 6




Splinterlands Card Population Spotlight - Episode 6 06.03.22-14.03.22

In this series I am going to drop 5 Random cards into the spotlight to analyse population decline over the course of the week or period of time. The aim of these posts are to hopefully get people to identify the deflationary pressure rate on certain cards relative to their price and popularity and hopefully help you determine which cards you may need to make a move on (before they become out of reach financially). This episode I am having a look at a range of regular foil cards. My analysis is primarily focussed on what I see of each card in bronze and silver level leagues. I hope you enjoy!


Cave Slug

Cave Slug - Untamed Series - Life - Common
Abilities: Opportunity (lvl 1), Scavenger (lvl 6), Slow (lvl 10)

The Cave Slug is a backline Melee unit with starting Opportunity Ability. It's 2 starting Attack damage make it a powerful unit for 5 summoning points and handy reverse speed opportunist.

Thoughts - Look out for that slug below! One of those units you often neglect to use but it does have some value. In any reverse speed battle with Silvershield Knight at lvl 3, we are looking at a powerful card with a whopping 4 attack! I do like this card but it is quite niche for use, but if you favour opportunity strategy with attack bonus you will find it almost invaluable. In terms of popularity we have seen it around but it's definitely not on most radars as a viable option. During this period the card actually increased in population so this gives me an indication that someone opened a lot of Untamed packs recently. Probably a whale on the hunt for some Legendary or GF's given the market value of the Untamed series has stabilised with pack openings and will probably move upwards as we draw closer to the end of Chaos Legion sales. I think there is some value in this card in the deck and as an investment, but the reality is until we see a Life Summoner with +1 attack this card will likely see gradual population decline and gradual price movement upward. Long term, I don't see this card reaching great heights without external factors involved.

Price Change: $.71-$.67

Regular Foil Population Change: 33,870-34,097

Cave Slug.png


Efreet Elder

Efreet Elder - Reward Series - Fire - Rare
Abilities: Last Stand (lvl 1), Phase (lvl 6)

The Efreet Elder is a powerful magic card. Usually sitting right at position 6 for it's last stand ability. For just 6 summoning points you get 8 health making it a great backline tank.

Thoughts - I have a massive bullish sentiment for this card and I'm going to tell you why. It has the Last Stand ability and at lvl 4 gains an extra magic damage point. Now picture this with me; We are still waiting for a +1 Magic Summoner for the Fire Splinter. With the release of Spirit Hoarder we have a card to sit in slot 5 to heal any sneak damage. Then Splinterlands drops the mic on everyone in the form of a +1 Fire Magic Summoner and suddenly you have a last stand tank smashing out 5 damage with about 14 health in the silver leagues when he gets to the front! And it will happen! But here is the kicker, right now you can get this card at level 4 for less than $25 as of the time of writing. When this happens this card will sky rocket to as much as $50 per BCX in my opinion. It's a hidden gem right now even if I am off about where it will go in terms of price. And I feel like I'm the only one seeing this potential for battle future battle strategy. And yes I know I am shilling this because I have secretly been stacking them (I'm not here to hide anything from you) while everyone else is not watching but I'm paying the same price (under $1) so I gain nothing to tell you about it now while I still don't have enough for a level 4...For me I think this card is going to explode and I hope you do too. Maybe not just yet but when it does, you may find yourself wishing you got it when I told you this information..

Price Change: $1.10-$.94
Regular Foil Population Change: 49,109-48,990

Efreet Elder.png


Goblin Mech

Goblin Mech - Reward Series - Neutral - Common
Abilities: Piercing (lvl 1), Stun (lvl 6)

The Goblin Mech is a Heavy Tank used in higher Summoning Point Battles. Equipped with 4 attack, 3 Speed, 5 Armour, 6 Health and the starting Piercing Ability, this Mech comes packed with value for it's 10 Summoning Points.

Thoughts - A highly versatile card, the Goblin Mech is a must for all. One of the strongest common tanks getting around, there is no shortage of use case and that's makes it common to see. Whether you are using it for aggressive or defensive strategy, the Goblin Mech in my opinion will deliver under a range of conditions including opportunity or sneak scenarios. If you add in the fact that it is a neutral card, it only adds to use case for nearly all match scenarios and all splinters. For this reason, I am bullish on this as one to own and one to invest in. It's current low price is too juicy to ignore and some were lucky enough just recently to score this for under $1. If you haven't 'Meched' up yet, you just haven't lived and are missing out. Long term, I cannot see this fading away and believe as we see the pop limit push down to 50k, the price tag will increase. I think it's value potential could easily go to double figures. At a guess, I'd say it would not surprise me to see this as a $20 dollar card once the the numbers decrease. But for now, the price will hover in the $1.25-$2.50 range and I do think it will stay there for a while so you have a little time up your sleeve before I think it will push back to $3-$4 range in the short term. But don't wait too long because I think it is on the lower end of it's price range and the deflation is solid for the population numbers.

Price Change:$2.29-$1.60
Regular Foil Population Change: 62,017-61,929

Goblin Mech.png



Brownie - Reward Series - Earth - Epic
Abilities: Swiftness (lvl 1), Inspire (lvl 4)

The Brownie is a weak backline unit who adds +1 speed to all friendly units. At level 4 it adds +1 attack also with it's Inspire Ability.

Thoughts - What an annoying card everyone is saying! Yes, that is the Brownie as you watch your monsters sit back and get hit first and then miss with the opponents speed advantages. Not often seen in the lower leagues, but when it is, the Brownie is a massive headache. This makes it quite an intriguing card because while you don't see it often, you know when you do, you have this feeling of emptiness inside as you know it's Swiftness is going to cause a lot of grief for your strategy. With under 9k remaining and a $14 price tag, you may be forgiven for not owning it. I think for most, it's a card left for OGers and whales in the higher levels. I think it has room to grow for investment (as most cards do), but I do believe it's one of those cards you can live without despite it's handy attributes. At least that's what I tell myself to keep me warm at night after I've been Brownied.

Price Change: $13.00-$13.99
Regular Foil Population Change: 8,722-8,718



Phatom Of The Abyss

Phantom Of The Abyss - Untamed Series - Water - Legendary
Abilities: Flying (lvl 1), Dodge (lvl 1), Demoralise (lvl 2), Headwinds (lvl 4)

The Phantom Of The Abyss is a super speedy Magic Tank with 6 speed and the Flying/Dodge Ability duo at Level 1. Good luck hitting this beast if you don't have magic packed in your strategy!

Thoughts - Arguably rate this in my top 10 Splinterlands cards. The Phantom is one heck of a card and is the envy of just about every Spliterlands player out there! For 10 Summoning points you get 3 magic damage and near impossible speed/flying/dodge combo that leaves most opponents scrambling to land just 1 hit in every round. This makes the Abyss highly sort after and it's price doesn't even do it justice in my opinion. At under $100 price tag, I think that's still way cheap. If your lucky enough to even rent this at level 2, the demoralise kicks in and it just devastates your opponent in every way possible. I've had battles where I've had like 15 shots trying to kill it and failed and then I've had battles where my opponent pulls out the Alric or Delwyn and it made me cry. I think even with more than 2600 still in circulation that it is undervalued and I wish I could afford one! Long term, it would not surprise me to see this reach 4 figures and I really do believe it has 10x potential as a starting point from here in probably just a few years. If you have the money to buy one, do yourself a favour, I can guarantee it will be a match winner for your deck. And to whomever it was that opened a lot of Untamed packs this week, I envy you because 5 were added to the population.

Price Change: $87.12-$94.04
Regular Foil Population Change: 2,677-2,682

Phantom Of The Abyss.png



Serpentine Spy

Serpentine Spy - Untamed Series - Fire - Common
Abilities: Opportunity (lvl 1), Poison (lvl 10)
The Serpentine Spy is a powerful and rather quick assassin starting with the Opportunity ability. While it doesn't have much health, the strategies for Serpentine are numerous with it's speed, attack and opportunity all being optional uses for this popular card.

Thoughts - For me, as an avid lover of the Fire Splinter, I couldn't be more bullish on the need for this card to be part of every players deck, particularly in the lower divisions. In combination with Tarsa, Pyre, Yodin Zaku, Marlic or even Plado Summoners you can almost be assured to find a strategy with this card for just 3 summoning points. Currently yo-yoing between roughly $3 and $4.75, many are taking the 'Opportunity' (no pun intended) to get this card and it shows with around 350 cards burnt/combined from just a population of 26k in the last week. I can't help but think this is a combination of people buying up while others are selling not realising this card is in high demand. This card is reaching a deflationary crossroad with it's current burn rate that is unsustainable to it's current low? price! I cannot see this card staying at this price for much longer.

UPDATE: We have seen continued price hover and now a pull to under $3 mark. This is definitely in the buy zone for me. 150 Have been burnt since we first visited this in week 1. So for me that is a solid burn rate and continues to put further pressure on the price staying low. There is still good opportunity to spy out a few and add them to your deck. Will we see movement to the upside just yet, maybe not but I do believe as time goes on, the chance to own this for these prices is diminishing.

Price Change Since Episode 1: $3.06-$2.92
Population Change Since Episode 1: 26,092-25,947

Serpentine Spy.png


Well this wraps up episode 6 of 'Splinterlands Card Population Spotlight' I hope you found some value in this post and hope that you follow to see future posts like this! Feel free to shill your cards you want me to follow for future blogs! Feel free to check out previous episodes and my streaming channel on twitch (links below)

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I'd love to see your prediction on Elder Efreet come true. Awesome info as usual. Sharing this on Splinterlands Digest Twitter.


Well I have to put out some predictions! I could be way off but I think it's a reasonable thought. Not many have Delwyn, so a magic Fire summoner will be the real test to see where it goes. I think with the Ifirit, Djinn Inferni and Djinn Apprentice, we now have a solid magic base for a Fire Magic Summoner. Thanks for your ongoing support of this series!


Yet another very informative post Nytehawker.
Thanks for being our insights guy in terms of Splinterlands card pricing and population change.
Not everyone is able to do this and I know even less people that enjoy it as much as y<ou do.
Keep up the good work -
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