Splinterlands Card Population Spotlight - Episode 9




Splinterlands Card Population Spotlight - Episode 9 28.03.22-02.04.22

In this series I am going to drop 5 Random cards into the spotlight to analyse population decline over the course of the week or period of time. The aim of these posts are to hopefully get people to identify the deflationary pressure rate on certain cards relative to their price and popularity and hopefully help you determine which cards you may need to make a move on (before they become out of reach financially). This episode I am having a look at a range of regular foil cards. My analysis is primarily focussed on what I see of each card in bronze, silver & gold level leagues. I hope you enjoy!


I just want to thank the huge amount of support I received from my last blog entry! It is so encouraging and really appreciate everyone who takes the time to check out these posts! Without your support, I couldn't continue to dedicate the time it takes to construct such a post. Hopefully I can continue to provide you all with something of value to give you food for thought.


Undead Rexx

Undead Rexx - Reward Series - Death - Common
Abilities: Trample (lvl 5), Stun (lvl 9)

The Undead Rexx is a Frontline Medium-High end Tank with brutal 5 starting Attack and 9 Health. A little on the slow side, but well suited to protect you backline in higher end summoning point battles.

Thoughts - For a long time, I ignored the Undead Rexx brushing it off in favour of the Haunted Spirit. Now that Cursed Windeku is in the picture, I still find myself brushing off from this card for the most part. At level 5 you can help yourself to the Trample ability with Rex and with it's price hovering around the $.40 mark, it is still very affordable as an alternative to Cursed Windeku or a backup melee for battle scenarios like Opportunity, Sneak, Melee Mayhem. The biggest pitfall is the 9 summoning points it costs to field when you do find use-case. I do own a few of these Deathly Dinosaurs but even with more than 100 burns this week, I think there may be better investment options out there. I am slowly working my way to level 5 when I randomly get the urge to purchase 1, but I think once I hit level 5, I doubt I will take it any further. It will be a long time before we see this card head back up to the $1 mark. Would I keep stacking if I saw this price drop lower, yeah I might. It's this lack of enthusiasm that leads me to think Undead Rexx is probably destined for the Splinterlands graveyard in the future. That or it becomes one of the cards that you may find slaving away on land pots when the land expansion is released.

Price Change: $.39-$.41

Regular Foil Population Change: 102,846-102,736

Undead Rex.png


Creeping Ooze

Creeping Ooze - Reward Series - Neutral - Common
Abilities: Slow (lvl 1)

The Creeping Ooze is a low point (1) backline card that starts with no attack. At level 4, it gains the ability to attack with 1 Melee adding some value to it's use.

Thoughts - The Creeping Ooze is an awesome card! At just 1 summoning point you get what I call a 'cannon fodder' card with the very important Slow Ability! I have lost count of how many times I've used this card in battle and how many times it has made a huge difference particularly in those low summoning point battles. With over 80,000 still in circulation, it was only a short time ago prior to Chaos that it was up around the $8 mark from memory such was it's popularity. I think everybody looking to find an edge over bots and opponents alike in the lower leagues would do well to own this card. I don't think you need to bother levelling this one up as the advantage of having one to equip speaks for itself. The real question is can this card reclaim it's former ATH anytime soon? I would say no, we could be waiting a long time for a $10 Ooze with Chaos providing both a 0 and 1 point cards for each Splinter except Dragon. The current price is stable, hovering just above the lowest it's been in some time. It's the right time to think about buying one if you don't own it because I do think we will begin to see price movement back above $3 in the near future. The burn rate is currently low however, any further price pressure to the downside will likely see the burn rate increase as people become more incentivised to snap it up.

Price Change: $2.89-$2.75
Regular Foil Population Change: 81,996-81,982

Creeping Ooze.png


Goblin Sharman

Goblin Sharman - Beta Series - Fire - Common
Abilities: Weaken (lvl 1), Slow (lvl 5)

The Goblin Sharman starts off as a backline magic unit with no attack and employed for it's ability to Weaken opponent units health. At level 3, it gains the ability to send a bolt of magic and become quite a nuisance for the enemy if they cannot find a way to take it down.

Thoughts - The Goblin Sharman was one of the first Splinterlands cards I ever bought. As soon as I was able, I was stacking to get it to level 3 back when it was much more affordable to do. If you can get it to level 5, you wont regret it as that Slow Ability adds another layer of use-case to the card. I think personally the Sharman is one of those cards that will never lose use value, specifically in those lower summoning point battles, and in the event we ever see a Magic Summoner in Fire, it would only help for demand. Right now I feel like popularity is down for the Sharman, but I remain bullish that the Sharman will see significant growth in the future, but we are waiting for certain things to trigger that. But keep an eye on that price as it moves down. I would become very tempted to buy more if we see it move below the $3 mark. As Sharman moves towards the 10k Pop mark, I think we will see a $6-$10 Sharman and if it ever gets below 5k, I would like to think a 10x value for ownership is not off the table.

Price Change:$3.73-$3.49
Regular Foil Population Change: 14,622-14,619

Goblin Sharman.png


Mylor Crowling

Mylor Crowling - Dice Series - Earth - Rare
Abilities: Thorns

The Mylor Crowling Summoner is the fear and envy of many. It's Thorns Summoning Buff has lay waste to many an opponent.

Thoughts - Of all the summoners I have played with, against and/or own, the Mylor Crowling is a crowd favourite and definitely one of mine! If you hate it, it's because you don't own it and your feeling sore from the latest defeat at the hands of Mylor and I completely understand. If one is able to obtain a level 3 and employ Queen Mycella lvl 2 with her Amplify, it is a painful display of punishment for any opponent who dares to use a Melee unit. At around $25 asking price, you probably seeing it as low as anyone would dare let it go without snapping one up. The Mylor is highly popular everywhere I have battled and I cannot see that ever changing. This is why I am bullish on Mylor and think an investment return for this card in battle wins is a forgone guarantee. With it, your likely to improve your win rate by several % so for $25 investment in Bronze or Silver, I'd say your ROI is good and it will pay for itself in a reasonable time frame. On top of that, I do believe Mylor will be upwards of $50 in the future as the pop numbers drop. For now though, no population change.

Price Change: $25.90-$24.50
Regular Foil Population Change: 16,102-16,102

Mylor Crowling.png


Dragon Jumper

Dragon Jumper - Reward Series - Earth - Legendary
Abilities: Flying (lvl 1), Opportunity (lvl 1), Snare (lvl 2), Stun (lvl 3)

The Dragon Jumper is a ferocious Flying Opportunist Backline Tank who weaves it's way through opponent's backlines leaving a trail of destruction in it's wake.

Thoughts - A highly 'In-Demand' card, the Dragon Jumper is one of the most feared backline cards in all of Splinterlands. 3 Damage, 5 Speed and 6 Health, need I say more? Fine glad you asked then I'll add Opportunity and Flying to that! This card is high on the rental priority list of many and high on the 'to purchase' list of others! If you don't own one, I'd bet a Mycelic Morphoid you'd want to own one! And if you say otherwise, I'm going to call your bluff and not send you the Mycelic Morphoid anyway! ;) On a more serious note, the Dragon Jumper is highly useable and relatively cheap at 7 summoning points for all the punch you get! This card will go back up. $100 dollars is assured. $200? Yeah I think we will get there in a few years. $500? Maybe but we would need some more burns and more financially stacked players entering the Splintersphere. If your going to buy to win games, then that's your ROI investment over HODL. I would not buy this simply for holding to resell when there are cheaper cards I believe will 100x, some of which I have spoken on in previous episodes.

Price Change: $68.99-$62.99
Regular Foil Population Change: 2,359-2,358

Dragon Jumper.png



Cornealus - Untamed Series - Neutral - Legendary
Abilities: Heal (lvl 1), Thorns (lvl 2), Return Fire (lvl 3) Magic Reflect (lvl 4)

Powerful, Scary, Annoying, Unstoppable Ranged Backline Tank! The Cornealus has an 'Eye' on you and your prospects are not good! And yes you should be scared! Starting ability Heal with 12 health making this just the beginning of many opponents woes when they face this card.

Thoughts - Do I like this card? You can answer that question yourself because I know your answer is the same as mine! The Cornealus is the envy of many Splinterlands hopefuls and with good reason. I recently rented this card for a bit of fun and I can say it paid for itself on the first day of a week long rent. It is a game changing card and you know as soon at your battles reach around 36-40 points, your always looking for a way to include it in your strategy. I recently played a sneak/armour battle that included Gen Sloan, Chain Golem, Crystalsmith Adelaide Brightwing, Spirit Haorder, Devine Healer and Cornealus at the back. It was a sight to behold! If Halfling was a card to own, you better add Cornealus to that list. Long term prospects are Extremely Bullish and at time of writing this card just broke a 3 month high, possibly ATH and I am not surprised. For many of us Cornealus is one of those cards that if you don't own it now, may even become very expensive to even rent. Just remember 28 days ago when you could have snagged it for $100 and come back in a couple of years from now and cry tears with me for not buying it then!

UPDATE: I have revisited Cornealus because we have been presented with another opportunity to snag it under $100. If you managed to sell for $200 just recently then hat's off to you for your bravery and now you can rebuy! I didn't expect this kind of pull-back when it hit ATH recently so I think it's a steal to see it back under $100. Sadly I can't afford one. But maybe you can? A small pop increase once again due to the massive Untamed opening recently.

Regular Foil Price Change: $221.99-$99.98
Regular Foil Population Change: 2,349-2,352



Well this wraps up episode 9 of 'Splinterlands Card Population Spotlight' I hope you found some value in this post and hope that you follow to see future posts like this! Feel free to shill your cards you want me to follow for future blogs! Feel free to check out previous episodes and my streaming channel on twitch (links below)

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I've talked about the Creeping Ooze as well briefly as one of the few cards I have that can only be used in Wild when we get the update on the two formats and making me consider going wild instead of focusing on Modern. I have two of them and maybe I should have sold the other one when the price was high, but I still find it useful for my alt so I don't really regret.

The rest of the cards you mentioned I don't have and have not used in a long time and currently not in my to buy list. I used to have a level 5 Undead Rexx but I only bought him to flip since I got him for very cheap at the time and was able to sell him at a good price.

Have some !PIZZA.


Yeah these are things that need to be considered when purchasing. I believe the Wild format will contain less players than modern and hence the reward pool will probably be more lucrative as the bots may not like having to deal with cards that cause them more losses. So I will be playing wild.


Excellent and informative read. You echo my thoughts on Mylor to a 'T'. Cornealus might just be one I need to get. It's as low as it's going to go. Cool to see a few more copies hit the market with Untamed packs opening. Sharing on Splinterlands Digest Twitter. Cheers.


Cornealus at just $90 now! Mylor $24. How low can we go? This is definitely the best time period over the course of Chaos to be stacking on delfationary cards. Because once the land plots go live and Chaos Legion finishes, with a bit of luck, we might see a large influx of new players into the Splintersphere. With the Dev's looking at even creating animation/movie content to bring this universe to life in the future, I am heavily bullish on long term investment prospects. Kind of moves in ebs and flows. Take Game Of Thrones as an example. Book, turned TV series and had a massive impact on merchandise popularity and went viral around the world. When they stopped making particular GOT pop vinyls you could be guaranteed to make big $ on the deflation of the pop. Then after the series ended, you couldn't sell them for a penny. But with House Of Targaryen coming out in August, you can be assured the original GOT pops will explode again with the new generation and old enthusiasts who will flock back to snag up these now rare Pop vinyls from GOT during the hype. Sentiment is everything and right now sentiment is low just like it is with GOT pop vinyls, but when the next evolution comes along, everyone who held out or accumulated for a dime a dozen during this period will be grateful they did. Thanks as always for your support and thoughts!


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