Brawls and Battle Helper - Update

Last week I wrote about Battle Assistants and Brawling, specifically, looking at the public data around who is loading funds to XBot's Battle Helper. If you don't know, XBot is a token-based battle automation service for Splinterlands, and Battle Helper is their Discord-based tool to recommend highly ranked lineups for any match, including brawls and tournaments.

Last week was the first brawl cycle that Battle Helper service was "open to the public" without a token, and it was a great kicking off point. Now, another brawl is finished, so let's take another look at how things are developing.

More Guilds and More Users are buying Battle Helper Credits

Whether you look at the number of guilds with at least one member using Battle Helper...

Number of Guilds with BH Users (by Tier)Current CycleLast CycleTotal Guilds in Tier
Tier 4232034
Tier 34132119
Tier 23724258
Tier 12418380

...or instead you look at the number of players...

Total Users (by Tier)Current CycleLast CycleNumber of Frays
Tier 4685321
Tier 3775918
Tier 2624016
Tier 1372813
Other (includes players not in a brawl fray)2832-

Across the board, we are seeing more guilds with Battle Helper users, with the biggest increases at Tier 2 guilds.

Spotlight on Tier 4 Guilds

Let's take a look at the counts since last time at our most competitive Tier:
(Someone made a big move, see if you can spot it!)

Tier 4 Guilds with BH UsersCurrent CycleLast Cycle
✨[RKO] Outta Nowhere ⚡ 🧨1412
Legendary Wyverns6-
Team Possible Hackers55
YGG Brawlers (Ásgard)44
Legendary Raptors44
Legendary Lunatics42
The Guild of Neoxian32
Knights United32
[KoG] Guardians of Glory32
Legendary Dragons31
PeakMonsters Pirates33
T&A Legion I32
Legendary Wizards23
PeakMonsters [Archon]22
PeakMonsters [PREMIERE]11
Roaring Twenties11
[KoG] Shield of Glory1-
[KoG] No Guts No Glory12
PeakMonsters [Legion]11
PeakMonsters Embryon1-
PeakMonsters [Vikings]11
Legendary Unicorns1-
The Grand Praetorian Army11

Let's do this again!

If you, like me, think this is an exciting place to watch, keep an eye on this blog. We'll keep watching this. And please feel free to suggest other data points we might want to explore!

Until next time, thanks for checking this out, and keep brawling!


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