Strengthening the Gladius Warrior // Defend your Guild

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I am so happy to write and share with the community on this sunny morning my progression in
the Splinterlands Brawl Tournament section.

The special cards in the Gladius have brought tremendous possibility in the Brawl battle.

Therefore only the tournament of Guild allows the utilization of most of the Gladius cards.


They are so powerful that in the Battle ranking game, the ability of BloodLust can appear on the battlefield
and reverse the outcome of the combat in one round. They are called in the local term here "The shaker".

My plan like many players in the game is to collect these exceptional assets as fast as possible.

It is important to mention that players can only obtain Gladius warriors by purchasing packs with "Merit". This token can only be earned after anyone participates in a brawl.


The Alliance guild has made the effort to keep its position in the top 10 Guilds in the Brawl Tournament. It has not been easy since the opposition is very hard.


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