DEFENDER OF TRUTH / Weekly Battle Challenge

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Peace Splinters,

I hope you have enjoyed the beginning of the festive season with Thanksgiving. The worldwide players in Splinterlands have done beautiful action to keep the community together behind this exceptional game. I am happy to present my challenge with Defender of truth.

I have played Defender of truth at a high level during the early days of the rental system. I like its abilities and the low mana on its great battle statistics. The rental market had a great option for me to rent the Defender of truth for this match.

In this challenge, the dragon elemental and Life elemental cards were combined to face our opponent in the arena strictly ruled under special conditions.

Battle Ruleset:

1 . Holy protection

2 . Little league

3 . Mana 40

This battle had an interesting last round where all my team members were still on the board undefeated. The match finished at round six.


The lineup of the cards in the arena

My opponent summoned Zintar Mortalis followed by the death elemental monsters all under level 2 of experience.

  • Animated corpse

  • Undead priest

  • Death elemental

  • Venari Bonesmith

  • Twisted Jester

  • Dark astronomer


Daria Dragonscale always presents to help in the arena. Daria was associated with the Life elemental monsters included Defender of truth.

Summoner: Daria Dragonscale

  • Pelacor Conjurer Lv4

  • Twilight Basilik Lv5

  • Armorsmith Lv6

  • Defender of truth Lv3

  • Divine healer Lv4

  • Parasitic growth Lv6

In the arena, I have noticed once the opponent's lineup appeared that my cards were significantly more experienced than the adversary's team.


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My strategies

This battle ruleset has a contradiction due to the little league mention while the mana cap was set at 40. I knew that this type of ruleset required many cards with abilities in order to dominate the arena. Defender of truth effectively played its role. Pelacor and Armosmith maintained the gate close to all opponent's strikes. Twilight stunned and Parasitic scavenged all life points on the battlefield. In addition to all this ability on the board, Divine was healing my Pelacor every round. It was one of my best lineups of the week. game.


Did my strategy work?

My strategy was purely defensive while inflicting low strike to the opponent until he or she losses all the cards behind enemy lines. It worked as well as I planned it. However, my opponent didn't present powerful enough cards to test the effectiveness of my lineup, especially in the gold league.

If you are interested in the current contest, please get more information concerning the battle challenge shared on a specific theme Defender of truth, Splinterlands Weekly battle challenge.

Do I often select Defender of truth to fight in the arena? why or why not

I play most of the time with Defender of truth as soon as I enter the gold I league. Defender of truth level 4 can be really powerful against complex tactics developed by opponents. I will keep renting the Defender of truth because it is a great soldier in my unit.

Thanks for the battle challenge curation team. My lineup team selection was based on defensive strategy due to the battle ruleset.

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That's a strategy that really worked for you! Well done bro


Thank you
I am going to buy as many Chaos legions as possible to strengthen my new strategies.