Weekly Activity Report - Hive Achievements - N.13



How are you doing my friends?

I feel really happy to write the present report summarizing some achievements in my journey on Hive for the past several days.

Here are some of the achievements I completed with the help of my friends curators on Hive.



I have been busy on Hive-engine with the records of cumulated tokens, and staked assets, and engage with Hive's authors from various communities.

Splinterlands and Tokeconomics

Current DataGoalsComments
Season N 119Gold II hope to reach 32.5k SPS stakes to increase my rewards in the Gold league. My plan is to fight in Gold II while I am getting ready to enter the higher League
Mid-Season LevelGold III am playing in both wild and modern formats. I managed to get a lot from the Wild format
SPSVoucher-Hive Pool remains active and unchanged but in-game staking of SPS is up. I reached my goals with more than 33k SPS in the gameI am going to purchase more vouchers by the end of the week.
Card leveled upI bought exclusively summoner at prices lower than $1 USD. SoulBound reward cards are combined in my collection.Sloan and Tarsa are extremely cheap in the market.
PacksChaos Legions accounted to more than 65 packs and Riftwatcher has around 8 packs stored up at the rate of one pack per weekThe pack rewards will hopefully increase as the countdown gets closure to the finale.
LandsMy plot is ready for activitiesTesting interface of Land is ongoing with interesting results so far.
Hive purchaseThe Binance P2P market has not offered exciting opportunity for the past ten days.I target 3.5k liquid Hive by the end of November.

Hive Publication and Tokeconomics

I am grateful for all the support Hiveans granted me each time the upvote my publications on the hive, the hive power has increased during the past seven days.

The past week was busy in terms of engagement on various topics including social, well-being, health, and finance.

The past seven days were packed with important events that helped in the process of building up Hive power, Hive SPS and SPT.

The leofinance power up day, LEO token power up by all content creators with the interest to hold in their wallet LEO. My participation last week

Also, HiveFest event contest article available in this detailed publication

InfoHIVE PowerHBD SavingsHIVE
Last week:3300 Hp + Hp from the Curation720 HBDBinance Spot trading, last week goal 1200 Hive
Expectation reached:3500Hp750 HBDBinance Spot trading, achieved goal 1300 Hive
Target for the next week:3700Hp800 HBD + Purchase from tradeLiquid Hive trade Project exclusively on Binance HIVE/USDT pair


The trading plan is successful for the accumulation of Hive on the exchange. I frequently transfer 100 Hive from Binance to Hive as a support to build my hive power.

The Hive internal exchange only helps me to occasionally convert Hive Back Dollar to Liquid Hive. I used the internal market more than I could count the last month's transactions. The price went very low recently, so I converted many HBD to Hive.

My goal is to increase the value I allocate to the hive power-up day from 2 to 5 Hive power stakes in my wallet. Hive power Up day. I like to set up this challenge for the HPUD event at the beginning of each month.

I am planning to power up an increased amount of Leo tokens up to 5 Leo each month. Leo powerup day past event

Hive prices on the exchange have generally decreased since the publication of the last achievement article. I have managed to set up a nice conversion of XOF (fiat currency) to USDT without large fees, so the obtention of USDT is not a serious barrier to my investment plans.

My trading volume decreased over the last seven days. The price of Hive has not recovered since the last drop. Although the prices were moving down for weeks during September, I successfully bought Hive liquid from the exchange.

Hive-engine Tokeconomics

LEO, SPS, DEC, VOUCHER, and SPT are continually staked on a daily basis. My target is to keep storing these assets for useful attributes on Splinterlands or blogs.

Past Week staked tokensCurrent StateExpectation (This week)
LEO / 710860871
WAIV / 610630650
SPS/ 31k32.7k35k
SBT/ 16.5k16.8k17k
ONEUP / 6.9k7k7.1k
SPT / 37.9k38k39k
LIST/ 2.4k2.8k3K



My current portfolio of DEC is has decreased significantly to 400 DEC. It is a move to change my stake from one asset to another one voucher.

My plan to join the liquidity stock voucher hive is a success with daily rewards from the pools. I kept adding liquidity to the pool Hive Voucher on Tribaldex.

My plan to purchase cheap Summoners on the market with DEC to rent out to players has been slowed down. My plan is to sell those cards later when the price goes up during the bull run.

Target I considered complete during the past week

  • Gaming Splinterlands

SPS stake reached 32k in-game Splinterlands

DEC from the rental market ranged between 250 DEC and 310 Dark Energy Crystal daily

I have not been lucky during my trade on exchange this last week. I have set different orders to buy or sell asset on the Hive/USDT pair but the evolution of prices didn't reach favorible value to complete the trades.

  • Trading

Binance spot trade has been fun but not so rewarding during the past weeks. The price variation is limited in a range of values too short to engage in a trade right now. I am searching for an interesting market where volatile prices of the tokens can present opportunities whether we read the market as an up, down, or sideways trend.
It is not financial advice. Never put more than you can afford to lose.

  • Engagement on the Hive with authors

The total number of comments made since I joined Hive amounted to more than 13k comments. It is a surprise that analytics review of activities showed 13.1k comments. Source
My plan to engagement and interact with Hivians has not changed and showed encouraging results after the past seven days of activities on the Blog.

I will strive to share 20 comments a day, so by the end of the week it will be about 140 additional comments.

I will strive to reach 13.5k comments or above before my next article. My goal for the rest of the year is to reach the annual goal of 14k comments.

If I complete these small steps in my target list, I will surely benefit from the positive influence caused by the growth of my assets.

Thank you so much for your attention.

To support my effort in the process of reaching these goals:

  • You can freely consider delegating some Hive power to Oadissin as many times as you want by clicking here ==> Delegations 50 HP; 100 HP or 500 HP
  • Suggestions and interrogations in the comment section are welcome
  • Make detailed search about any element that captures your attention in the article, then through the power of the collective we can move mountains.


Illustration made by @doze

==Disclaimer:== This Article's purpose is only educational and has no intention to compare my path to anyone else on social media. My publications relay valid information based on my personal experiences for your edutainment.

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These are some great goals you've set and I'm sure you can achieve them.


Thank you so much
I will make sure to continue on the right track




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