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Dragaon Ball Z | Goku’s Quest

Without a doubt, one of the best anime, in my opinion, is Dragon Ball Z, and many of its franchises witnessing Goku’s transition dealing with the baddies of the universe. The fight is not only about this universe but also the multiverse. Such is Goku’s power and ability to power up almost limitlessly that there exist very few opponents who can stand up to him.

Alright, I rushed into the character. I get that. So, please look at a tiny clip showing Goku in a dire situation and him powering up.

For those that don’t know, the guy in the orange pants is Goku. Goku is a Saiyyan by birth, much like we are humans. So, in this transformation, Goku goes Super Saiyyan (like Superhuman) for the first time. The battle is between Frieza, one of the most potent villains that Goku had encountered up until then.

Needless to say, every such powerup makes him more potent and more challenging to put down. For a comparison between Goku and ordinary humans, here is one hilarious clip where Goku is about to be mugged.

Note: The video is not in English. It does have English subtitles.

That’s Goku fighting the baddies in his most comfortable outfit and lowest power form. That’s the difference we are talking about.


Freaking Z | I Get Pulled Into The Saiyyan Saga

So, as usual, I was watching the Dragon Ball Z episodes where Goku was fighting Broly, a natural Super Saiyyan considered to be stronger than Goku, and then there was this flash of light hitting the television screen. Although it appeared like many of the fight scenes, this one was different.

I distinctly felt the pain of something piercing my arm and then the feeling of being shrunk by a force I had never encountered. The last I remember was the crack on the television screen before I could remember anything anymore. I don’t know how long it was or what had happened. But I got the distinct feeling of drowning. I wasn’t fighting for breath, but I was sinking gently. And that pain was now all over my body.

But wait. How am I breathing underwater? Is this a dream? Or have I become a Saiyyan? Hold on. My muscles - they were feeling a ton heavier and yet stronger. It was a strange thing. I could see myself from outside, and yet I was inside this body. Here is how it looked.

Holy moly!! I am Goku!! What freak of nature caused that? Not only am I Goku and in that orange jumpsuit, but I am on one of the strongest levels of Saiyyans. I am at Saiyyan God level, and I am fighting Lord Beerus instead of Broly. Broly would have stood no chance, so Lord Beerus was the right opponent.

But the fun part – I AM GOKU!!


Oivas the Goku | Tasting Limitless Power for the First Time

I realized that I had the innate power to jump across the television world. I somehow did not want to waste time fighting Lord Beerus. I would instead first admire the power that I had inherited.

I could feel every inch of my muscles feeling rock hard and heavy. I must be hundreds of tons. That could be the animation universe messing with physics as we knew on Earth. However, the tons of weight felt remarkably weightless for my power. I could zap around Earth in the blink of an eye, pick up a train or even mountains without breaking a sweat, take the strongest blow from an opponent and not even blink, and many things more.

The orange jumpsuit and shoes were heavy too. They, too, must be weighing tons. I gathered that if I could feel so light and fast with them, imagine without them. Hmm, that was a funny thought, and no, I am not going skinny dipping. 😊

I could choose to fight too. But here’s where I wanted something different. I did not want to fight the regular opponents. I know I (or Goku) can beat Freiza, Broly, Jiren, the bad Android 17, and many other characters within the Z universe. There were no surprises there. So, I thought of doing the next best thing.

What was that?


Oivas the Goku Fighting Superman and Saitama

I figured that if I had the power to zip across the animated universe, I probably could jump into other dimensions of the universe where Superman and Saitama exist. I wanted to go fist-to-fist with them. I realized that I could zap into the time and dimension that I wished. In hindsight, Goku had that ability in Dragon Ball Z itself. He could teleport anywhere. I guess he did not know that he could teleport outside of the Dragon Ball universe. I knew what I had to do.

Me Against Saitama

I put my fingers over my forehead and thought of Saitama’s universe and then zapppp….. I was there. And I saw Saitama. Looked like the one-punch man was expecting me. The funny part was that my friends were there too. I accidentally teleported them too. For some reason, we weren’t in a very intense face-off. It felt more like someone was making the interaction hilarious.

I mean… I mean… why don’t you take a look yourself.

I hope you are getting it now. So, who’s the stronger of the two. Hmm.. You figure that out. I enjoyed the encounter.

Me Against Superman

Again, satisfied with my encounter with Saitama, I thought I would jump to the DC universe to fight Superman. When I got there, I realized that I had pulled in Vegeta too. Oh, by the way, my wife too was there. I wonder how and why. And Superman had this big army with him. I guess they called it the Justice League. Oh well, I had to fight an army and not just Superman. I can do it.

But someone was messing up again. This, too, became a funny interaction. Take a look.

Mannn, now I know why my wife was there. Brr… that was cold. That would be one DC superhero pulverized by an everyday fighter. Hahhahh…


Was I Done?

No, not at all. I wanted to try out more things. Try out more universes. I still had to go to the Marvel universe, and maybe, the non-animated boring universe of humans and their makes. I had a lot to do.

But here’s where things changed. I found myself suddenly fighting Captain Ginyu. I don’t know how I could have come there. Those of you who know what Captain Ginyu does is that he exchanges bodies during a fight. And that’s what he was doing to me. I mean, me as Goku.

Take a look.

Oh man, I don’t know what happened. I remember fighting Captain Ginyu but was knocked out cold as I left Goku’s body. I don’t know anything after that.

But when I woke up, I was on my couch. Dragon Ball Z was still on. It was indeed Goku’s fight with Captain Ginyu. But how was I here? I don’t know. Did I enjoy what happened? Absolutely. I was one of the most potent guys around. I can’t wait to get in again.

I will keep you posted the next time I am in. Till then, ciao! 😊


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Image Courtesy: Dragon Ball Z Episodes


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Interesting, this is deep love and fandom for a single character and the whole lore around it, xD but you gotta train like goku every day on the gravity field x200 if you wanna be as good as him, he is a huge monster like being out of training, effort and nature, same with saitama, he trains every day willout missing a single day, ever.


True that. And I can see another anime fan over here. :)

Also, Goku went well over 400 G after the Frieza saga which also prompted Vegeta to train at 400 G. So, yeah, a lot of monstrous training for sure.