Disintegrator, It's Time to Crush and Pulverize Your Opponent



Hello, this is my challenge to the "SHARE YOUR BATTLE" Weekly Challenge by Splinterlands.

Characteristic of the Disintegrator


  • Disintegrator is a common card from Chaos Legion pack under the Neutral splinter.
  • At first glance, it has a lackluster stat with low attack (3 at level 10), low speed (2 at level 10).
  • However, it is the one out of three cards in the Splinterlands that gain demoralize ability at level 1, and being the only Neutral card, make it very versatile in wide range of battle format.


Reduce the melee attack of all enemy monsters by 1

It is a powerful negative effect to enemy's melee monsters, but its usage is situational depend on the enemy type of monster lineup. You would not want to use it facing enemy magic and ranged monsters.


When a monster with Trample hits and kills its target, it will perform another attack on the next monster on the enemy team

Does double damage when attacking an enemy that is stunned

When hit with a Melee attack, Monsters with Retaliate have a chance of attacking their attacker

I will mainly focus on the DEMORALIZE ability of the Disintegrator for my battle analysis as I play in the Silver League and do not have the high enough level to use TRAMPLE, KNOCK OUT and RETALIATE.

Battle Time


You may follow along using the battle link below:

Battle Rule Set


  • Explosive Weaponry - This rule set means all monsters have the Blast ability. Attack does additional damage to monsters adjacent to the target monster. The additional damage is equivalent to main damage divided by 2, rounded up. If possible,try to ensure your key monsters survive the blast in the Round 1.
  • Up Close & Personal - Only monsters with melee attack may be used in battles. This is a very restrictive rule set where players can only play melee monsters, and lineup become very predictable.

My strategy is this battle rule set is to select monsters and summoner that can counter opponent melee monsters while boosting my own melee monsters.

Kelya Frendul (Water Splinter), I choose you!

Kelya Frendul (Summoner) - Provide +1 armor and +1 speed to monsters. In a melee only battle, my monsters can take extra hit or blast damage without hurting the monster life point.

Serpent of Eld - My tank monster with Dodge and 25% chance to evade attacks from melee and ranged. Being a high speed monster with dodge, any misses from opponent's melee monsters is crucial to mitigate damage and blast damage to my secondary tank monster. It is also the monster with lowest HP in my team and a natural target for opponent monsters with Opportunity.

Flying Squid - My secondary tank monster with Reach ability able to attack from second position. At 8 HP, it can absorb fair amount of blast damage from opponent.

Deeplurker - Monster with Opportunity that will target opponent's monster with the lowest HP. If the targeted monster sit in the middle of the lineup, it can damage three monsters due to the blast ruleset!

Sand Worm- My choice of monster for high damage output and a good addition in a high mana battle.

Demented Shark - It has Inspire that gives all friendly monsters +1 melee attack. My melee monsters can hit harder with this ability. The only disadvantage of Demented Shark in my line up is that it is unable to attack from the backline.

Disintegrator - Our main character of the day with Demoralize to reduce the damage from the opponent. I put it at the last position to absorb some Sneak damage since it is unable to attack from the back line.

Battle Begin

Round 1


  • Both of us has similar summoner strategy by using Kelya Frendul in the melee only lineup.

  • The opponent put Chain Golem with Shield in the first position. It is a good choice to reduce damage from my melee attack and protect the secondary tank monster from blast damage.

  • The Demoralize and Inspire did their magic in the melee only lineup. My Sand Worm, Deeplurker, and Flying Squid have a +2 melee attack advantage over the opponent similar monsters.

  • Theoretically, my monster can hit harder and survive longer due to the advantage in melee attack.

Round 2


  • Both players lineup was still intact with no casualty thanks to the +1 armor from the summoner.

  • My Serpent of Eld managed to get a miss from opponent's Deeplurker and it greatly increase my monsters survivability.

Round 3


  • Serpent of Eld finally went down, but it managed to get another miss from opponent monster before it died.

  • Opponent are left with four monsters while my team still has five monsters. Amazingly, Disintegrator is still hanging on despite getting heavy damage from opponent's Sand Worm.

  • Disintegrator is still doing its job to reduce the opponent melee attack.

Round 4


  • Disintegrator could not make it pass Round 3 but its Demoralize greatly impacted the opponent monsters.

  • Opponent are left with only one monster and the outcome of the battle is quite obvious skew to my team.

Battle Result


Disintegrator is the unsung hero of my team in the melee only lineup. It is great as a sneak attack blocker, and provide my team with the sustainability through its Demoralize.

It is a versatile monster that can fit into any splinter within the right context. Hope that everyone can have a great usage of Disintegrator in their battle.

To those that want to have a try on the Splinterlands, you may register using the following link:


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