My Journey into the HIVE Blockchain for Web3




Believe it or not, my first foray into the crypto world is through the HIVE blockchain. To be exact, it was Splinterlands that brought me to this Dapps and Web3 based blockchain.

I find the HIVE blockchain to be beginner friendly as each wallet is identified by a unique username instead of a long wallet address that is difficult to memorize.

I also like the fact the transaction using the HIVE blockchain is lighting fast and there is no fee involved other than it consumes the resource credit (RC) which is directly correlated to HIVE Power. Say goodbye to the ridiculous gas fee by using Ethereum network.

My apps in the HIVE Ecosystem:

Splinterlands is my first and most used apps in the HIVE Ecosystem. I like how the game developer integrates collectible card game into a NFT. Players can easily own, buy and sell their cards through the HIVE blockchain. Money that you spent in the Splinterlands does not go wasted if you decide to quit the game as you can always liquidate your asset via the marketplace.
Rising Star is my latest entry in a play to earn game. It is a easy and fun collectible card game can also earn you some Starbits coin in the process.
Tribaldex is my go-to platform to purchase tokens build on the Hive blockchain. It also offers liquidity pools for some of the tokens. I always put some bids on the platform and hope to get some tokens at a discount to the average market price.
PeakD is the blogging platform for me to earn some HIVE. I like the decentralized aspect of the social media site where content creator can be in control of the contents without the fear of censorship and other users can vote on it.
Peakmonster is a third-party Splinterlands explorer and marketplace that I use to purchase and rent cards. The bidding system in the platform is a great addition for me to bid for good value cards and also to get some good renting power at an attractive CP/DEC ratio.

My View

I shall revisit the HIVE ecosystem three months from now and see how it fares in a Dapps and Web3 ecosystem with a lot of competitors.


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