Mycelic Morphoid, Hit Me and You Get Thorns


Hello, this is my challenge to the "SHARE YOUR BATTLE" Weekly Challenge by Splinterlands.

Stats of the Mycelic Morphoid


  • Mycelic Morphoid is a common card from Chaos Legion pack under the Earth splinter.
  • It has a cheap mana cost (1 mana) and low health (2 HP).
  • It is normally placed in the lineup as an attack blocker when there is an extra 1 mana left during the team selection.
  • It gains Thorns ability at Level 3, and increase its usability in some specific lineups and rule sets.


When hit with a Melee attack, does 2 damage back to the attacker

Thorns is a very useful defense against Melee attackers as there is a chance for Mycelic Morphoid to take down opponent's melee attacker via the thorns damage. It can be a good trade since Mycelic Morphoid has a cheap mana cost.

The battle will showcase the prowess of Mycelic Morphoid in combination with Thorns to provide advantages.

Battle Time


You may follow along using the battle link below:

Battle Rule Set


  • Stampede - The Trample ability can trigger multiple times per attack if the trampled monster is killed. This rule set eliminate the restriction of a monster with Trample to only perform another attack when it hits and kills its target. Under certain condition, we may find a single monster with Trample demolishes the entire enemy lineup through a consecutive killing streaks.

  • Holy Protection - All monsters have the Divine Shield ability. In this rule set, the effect is like having a Lorna Shine summoner on top of your chosen summoner. With Divine Shield, the first time the monster takes damage (except Poison) is ignored.

My strategy is this battle rule set is to select a lineup that can focus fire on a single attack to quickly eliminate a monster with Divine Shield as it takes minimum two hits to kill a monster.

I will ignore the Stampede rule set because it is difficult to get consecutive Trample under Divine Shield.

Lineup - Obsidian (Earth Splinter), Overwhelming Magic

Obsidian (Summoner) - Provide +1 magic attack to monsters. I will assemble a magic team which can ignore armor and focus fire on a single target to quickly eliminate divine shield.

Unicorn Mustang - My tank monster with Void and high speed to evade attacks from melee and ranged. Being a monster with Void, it will get reduced damage from Magic attacks. It will not take damage from Magic monster with 1 attack.

Mushroom Seer - Being a Magic monster with Silence fit it nicely in a Obsidian team. The Silence combo nicely with the Unicorn Mustang's Void, and help Unicorn Mustang to tank Magic attack.

Queen Mycelia - It has Protect that provide all friendly monsters with +2 armor. It provides my monsters with more sustainability against melee and range attack.

Goblin Psychic- It has Tank Heal that will restore a portion of Unicorn Mustang health each round. This will keep my tank monster stay alive longer while my back line monsters provide the damages.

Magi Of The Forest - A simple choice for me to maximize the magic attack output in conjuction with Obsidian.

Mycelic Morphoid - Our main character of the day with Thorns to damage opponent's melee attackers. I put it at the last position to get some sneak attack and opportunity attack block. With Divine Shield and +2 armor from Queen Mycelia, it can take three melee and/or range hit while returning 6 damage ( 2 damage x 3 hits) to melee attackers.

It is amazing how a 1 mana monster can provide big damage with Thorns.

Battle Begin

Round 1


  • Both of us go for Earth Team albeit using different summoners. I went for Magic attack while opponent use Mylor that provide Thorns in anticipate of Melee attackers.

  • The opponent put Flesh Golem with Heal in the first position. Together with Tank Heal from their Goblin Psychic and Wood Nymph, Flesh Golem can heal for 9 HP each round. It will be a tall order to take down their tank monster.

  • I am glad that I choose a Magic team that can output massive damage to the tank monster. My team will hit for 14 damages each round to Flesh Golem and should negate the massive heal from the opponent lineup.

  • The Silence from Mushroom Seer did wonder as the opponent Magic monster could not damage my Unicorn Mustang.

  • The placement of Mycelic Morphoid on the last position should able to eliminate the Goblin Thief sneak attack and protect my other back line monsters.

Round 2


  • Both players lineup was still intact with no casualty thanks to the Divine Shield ability from the rule set.

  • Unfortunately, Unicorn Mustang got hit from Halfling Alchemist with Halving, and get its attack reduce to 1 damage. My team damage output was reduced.

Round 3


  • After a burst of Magic attacks, my team has taken down the Flesh Golem while Unicorn Mustang barely survive due to the Thorns from Mylor.

  • It is important to understand the attack order of monsters to maximize damage output when involving healing ability. I would not be able to kill Flesh Golem should I spread my attacks in between of their heals. I could only kill Flesh Golem because it had no chance to heal during my burst of attacks.

  • Mycelic Morphoid managed to damage Goblin Thief with Thorns while protecting my back line monsters.

Round 4


  • Mycelic Morphoid finally gone but it also took down Goblin Thief in the process. It is a good trade for me by sacrificing a 1 mana monster in exchange for a 4 mana monster.

  • Opponent was left with only three monsters with no way to out heal my burst of magic damage. There was also lack of damage output from the opponent to take down my monster with Tank Heal. The victory for my team is set at this point forward.

Battle Result


Mycelic Morphoid is a good sneak blocker and cannon fodder in this battle. It proves its worth being a 1 mana monster against melee attacker.

To those that want to have a try on the Splinterlands, you may register using the following link:


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