My Splinterlands Gold III Daily Quest Rewards and End of Season Rewards (31/05/22)



As ever the purpose of this post is to demonstrate to Bronze and Silver League players what rewards can be gained from playing in Gold III.

My recent rewards have had their ups and downs so I have refrained from posting until End of Season day, today.

Get DECback when buying with Credits

For any Bronze leaguers out there with Credits, if you go to MonsterMarket (a link to this site is in the Splinterlands Market page), they will let you buy cards with your in game Credits.

Even better they charge either 3% or 5% fees, but here is the good part...

They will give you some of the fee back as DEC into you Hive-Engine account.

Turn Credits into DEC

If you have some Credits, say 20, this is worth 2 Cents.

There are Reward Commons on MonsterMarket for less than 2 Cents.

So you can buy one of these cards from MonsterMarket using your Credits, this will give you some of the cost back in DEC in your Hive-Engine account.

Then sell the Reward card you just bought via the Splinterlands Marketplace for DEC, hey presto, you just turned Credits into DEC!

You may have to buy the card for say 20 Credits and then sell for 0.019 Cents, but at least the DEC will contribute to SPS earnings in the next daily SPS airdrop.



A pretty mediocre line up of cards, it's nice to get a Rare, but this is one of the less played Splinters. As usual the 2 Commons will be sent to market to exchange them for DEC.

The biggest boon was the 731 DEC in on chest, very welcome.



I moved some cards around but there was always more than 100,000 Card Power in the account whilst doing this, so it is really disappointing when the daily reward drops to 4 chests.

Another 3 Commons for the Marketplace grind, will get me an average of 13 DEC each, so 40 ish DEC towards buying Starter cards, so you can earn more DEC rewards from Battles under the new rules.

25/05/22 #1:


Back up to 6 Daily Chests again...

2 more Reward Commons for the Market, a sprinkling of DEC and more potions.

25/05/22 #2:


Another sprinkling of DEC and yet more potions.



The good old Venari Wavesmith, fantastic with Alric Stormbringer before Chaos Legion was released, even better now if combined with Djinn Oceanus.

Two more Reward Commons for the slaughter at market.

Another sprinkling of DEC and the obligatory Potion.



Yet more Reward Commons to be ground into DEC with 2 more potions.

Bit disappointing, but will give me about 48 DEC from the sales.



I moved cards again, kept my card count above 100,000 CP and was penalised again with Chests dropping to 4.

Another Reward Common and 16 DEC from 3 chests, pretty poor really.



That's better, a Rare Neutral Reward Monster, 2 more Reward Commons and 10 DEC. Better than no Rare I suppose.



Almost a re-run of the previous day, except a different Rare and alternative Commons, nicely though I got almost 6 times more DEC.


No Daily Quest Rewards today.


Seasonal Rewards were good, with 3 of the new Common Monsters, these have gone to Market and are fetching approx 15 Cents each alongside the older Reward Commons, nice to see 76 DEC and to top it off a Chaos Legion pack.

Happy with that.

The main take away is of you are in the lower leagues there are now mechanisms where DEC can be earned to supplement buying the Starter Cards from the SpellBook to get a foot on the ladder.

That's all for tonight.

Good luck in Battle, until next time ...

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