Bulk Rentals: Are They Worth It? + Season Rewards


Hi, Guys!

My strategy since I started playing Splinterlands was to rent cards for 15 days. This strategy is perfect for me cause I only have to rent cards once while still gaining DEC profit. However, as the underwent changes, I asked myself: Is it still worth it?

So, I spent 1888.871 DEC in rentals just so I can:

  1. Have 15k(minimum) power for Silver III.
  2. Have extra power(around 20k) in case some rentals' got refunded.
  3. So I can answer my own question. HAHAHA.

So here's what happened:

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So does this mean that 15 days rental ain't worth it? Well, YES and NO.

It's not worth it because:

  • DEC rewards are lower in general so it's harder to recoup your rental investment.

It's worth it because:

  • You can advance to your ideal league early (Silver III in my case) meaning more daily quest chests.
  • Your power is stable and you don't have to worry much about dropping to a lower league (if you rented extra power).
  • You won't worry much if the rental prices surge near the end of the season because you have extra power (unless everyone refunded your rentals LMAO).
  • You can still recoup your investment if you factor in the DEC values of the cards you'll gain (It's easier to get cards now than prior seasons.). Here's my final earnings including card sales:

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Card sales are cards I gained during this season ONLY.

NOTE: You don't have to sell your gained cards right away just to recoup your rentals, I just did mine for experiment.

So, will I still rent for 15 days? The answer is: YES. Cause I'd rather rent once than multiple times for 1 season. I'm THAT lazy haha. Kidding aside, I think the reward that we should focus on is not getting DECs but getting cards. I think the devs designed how the game it is today to encourage us to hold our cards not our DECs. Now I kinda regret doing my experiment and want to get them cards back. haha.

Anyway, here's what I got from the recent season rewards:


Thanks for reading and see you again next season!


I wasn't sure if this was worth it but seeing your report it may just be.

Good idea renting over 15k. And nice job on the epic


Thanks! Yeah, I’ve been renting more than the required power. Last season I was supposed to get Gold III rewards but then some rentals got refunded last minute. It was sad, man. Haha.