Splinterlands Weekly Battle Submission: Elven Cutthroat



The Share Your Battle challenge this week is starring Elven Cutthroat. One of the more underappreciated cards in the game, Elven can be very useful depending on match rulesets and the tendecies of your opponent. But the higher your league (I'm currently in silver), the more strategic you have to be deciding when to play her.

Edition: BETA
Rarity: COMMON
Element: NEUTRAL
Attack: MELEE
Abilities: SNEAK


I'll be honest, I don't utilize this card much. I have a descent selection of low mana cards with better abilities IMO. So I waited for a ruleset where her descent speed can really impact the game...and being that she is a neutral monster, I had to pick a summoner that made sense.

Screenshot 2021-10-27 030846.jpg

The next ruleset ended up being Explosive Weaponry aka BLAST! Under most circumstances Elven would be a no-no here. But recently I rented a Lorna Shine Life summoner, which gives every player on its team Divine Shield. That combined with blast I felt like Elven could make her presence felt.


When I see the BLAST ruleset my plan is to hit all over the board. If you focus on attacking the tank you are not taking full advantage of the rules. You'll be better off using Snipe and Opportunity monsters that can potentially strike 3 monsters with 1 blast attack and/or use sneak monsters to cause big damage to the rear.

My Opponent

It wasn't tough to guess what Splinter my opponent would choose because the previous battles. They ended up going with Earth, and the disease that is the Mylor Crowling summoner 😒. As much as I hate this summoner, I love defeating people who spam it in Bronze and Silver leagues. When you see em coming they're not that tough.

Screenshot 2021-10-27 025028.jpg

My Strategy

With BLAST ruleset my overall strategy was simple. Lead with the Shieldbearer, followed by a Furious Chicken and Djinn Renova (to give all monsters extra health to combat the blasts), and then destroy the rest of the board with snipers and Elven to terrorize the back line.
The extra health and the Divine Shield paid dividends. That allowed my Furious Chicken to take 3 blast attacks, holding the fort down while Elven and my snipers went to work. She only made it through 2 rounds in this battle because of the thorns from Mylor, but she had already made her mark on the game.

Screenshot 2021-10-27 025508.jpg

See The Battle Here!

Anyone looking for guild players my current rating is 2000 (Gold 3), my deck power is only 16k (Silver 3), and I still have a well over 50% win rate. I can shine in Silver for sure!

Screenshot 2021-10-27 055850.jpg


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