Weekly Battle Challenge - DEFENDER OF TRUTH


For this weekly challenge, we'll be taking on the Defender of Truth. This would be my first time playing with him, since he isn't part of the base set. This card is an Epic Life Monster from the Alpha/Beta edition.


The Defender of Truth is a powerful wizard of Khymeria, as well as an important political figure for the Order of the Silver Shield. When the Khymian warriors march to war, the Defender of Truth is their General. He inspires his troops with the divine protection of the Silver Shield.


The Defender of Truth has 4 mana, and at level 1, the level I'm using, has 1 magic, 3 speed, 1 armor and 3 health.


Then, starting from level 3, he gets Protect, which gives +2 armor to every allied monster. This ability is great, since it gives more survivability to the whole team. I really wish I used a leveled up card, but sadly I don't have a leveled up summoner.



Earthquake: Non-flying Monsters take 2 Melee damage at the end of each round.

Reverse Speed: Monsters with the lowest Speed attack first and have the highest chance of evading attacks.

  • Allowed Splitners: All.
  • Mana Cap: 21.

Seeing that it's an Earthquake battle, I lament that I don't have Brighton Bloom, however, I decided to go for monsters that naturally have Flying, and for those that don't, I chose monsters with armor, that would protect them from the Earthquake for a few turns.

Cards Used

Delwyn Dragonscale

All of the monsters I wanted to bring to the battle had Magic attack, so I decided to go with Delwyn to boost their attacks, and deal a lot more damage to the enemy team.

Pelacor Conjurer

My main tank for this battle. Even though he doesn't have that much health, thanks to his flying ability and low mana cost, he'll be able to take a few hits.


Even though she doesn't have Flying, I had to put her in my team, since she has the Protect ability, giving +2 armor to every ally monster.

Defender of Truth

The main card for this challenge. He has 1 armor, and adding the +2 from the Truthspeaker, he's able to survive 2 turns from the Earthquake without taking any damage. He's the first of my Magic team.

Light Elemental

My main damage dealer, with its 2 magic attack at level 1, and also Flying. Thanks to the buff from Delwyn, it gets 3 magic attack that, for a 4 mana monster, is incredible.

Enchanted Pixie

Another Flying monster with magic attack that will be able to deal a lot of damage to the enemy thanks to Delwyn Dragonscale.


And now, I'll tell you about the battle. However, to see the full battle, click here!



The enemy went for Brighton Bloom. I really wish I had him, but either way, I think my strategy will work out. Since he has melee monster, the armor from the Truthspeaker allows me to not take damage for the first attack. That way, my Pixie survives an attack unscathed from the enemy Sand Worm, and my Pelacor does the same thing, from the attack of the Living Lava.

Then my 3 attackers defeat the Living Lava.



Since my Truthspeaker and Defender of Truth don't have Flying, they take damage from earthquake, however, their armor protects them. Then, the Sand Worm defeats in one blow my Pelacor Conjurer, before being attacked 3 times with my team, falling, and winning me the battle.

This was a quick battle, since the enemy only had 2 monsters, and I had a lot of magic damage. Being able to have so many low mana monsters was great for this battle, and the Defender of Truth, thanks to Delwyn, was a great card to play with.

Even though I couldn't witness the whole potential of the Defender, since I couldn't use a leveled up card, I really liked it, and wish it was part of the base set, so I could use him in more battles.

Overall, I'm happy with my performance in the battle, and I can't wait for the next battle challenge, to tackle a new monster.

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