Weekly Battle Challenge - Stone Golem


So this is my first time doing a weekly battle challenge, and to start I'm going to talk about the Stone Golem, the monster of the week. He's a Rare Earth Monster, from the Alpha/Beta set.

I don't think I've used him that much, since the Earth splinter is my least favorite. But I'm happy to give him a try for this week.


The Stone Golems that reside around the Crags of Maglar are quite terrifying to any stranger who wanders into their domain. In spite of the sheer power and weight of them, these Golems are surprisingly gentle and peaceful. A good day for a Stone Golem is one in which he did a lot of heavy lifting.


The Stone Golem has 5 mana, and at level 1, the level I'm using, has 1 melee, 1 speed, 2 armor and 6 health. And also the Shield ability, which reduces the damage this monster takes from Melee and Ranged attack, so he's a great tank, as long as the enemy doesn't have Magic.


Then, starting from level 5, he gets Stun, giving him a chance to stun the enemy after attacking, making him unable to attack in the next turn.



  • Super Sneak: All Melee Monsters have the Sneak ability, making them attack the monster on the last position.
  • Allowed Splitners: Fire, Water, Earth, Death and Dragon.

Seeing that it's a Super Sneak battle, I know it's the right time to use the Stone Golem, so I decided to try this challenge. This is because, if the enemy use Melee monsters to attack the back, I can put the Stone Golem in that last position to receive less damage.

Cards Used


Even though I generally prefer using Lyanna Natura, I decided to use the Wizard to get rid of the enemy armor, since I saw that my opponent was using the Venari Wavesmith a lot.

Just in case the enemy decided to use a Magic deck, I put the Unicorn in front, to tank that damage, thanks to the Void ability.

I decided to use him since, for a low mana monster, he deals a lot of damage. And this way, I used up all of the mana available.

As stated before, he goes in the back to tank the opponents melee attacks.


And now, I'll tell you about the battle. However, to see the full battle, click here!



As I predicted, the enemy used the Venari Wavesmith, and since I used the Wizard of Eastwood, his Protect ability was nullified. Also, he used a lot of Magic attack, so my Unicorn Mustang was a great choice.

Since I removed his armor, my monsters defeated the enemy's 2 farthest monsters in the first round.



In this round, my Unicorn keeps tanking damage, and I still deal damage to the backline.



My unicorn defeats the Spineback Turtle, and also defeat the Wavesmith. At this point, the battle is already won.

The star of this battle was definitely the Unicorn Mustang, not the Stone Golem, since the enemy team used a lot of Magic damage, however if they went full melee, I think I would have won as well.

My strategy did work, and I don't think I would have done anything different.

Finally, if you haven't started playing Splinterlands, what are you waiting for? Click here to start playing!


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