What's the best to get 1000 Collection Power?

The Collection Power (CP) is something that all of the players in the lower leagues desperately want. Especially with the changes to the dec earnings in bronze, players are eager to advance to higher leagues. And even though you might be a great player, you'll still need CP to advance.

In this post I'll show you the different ways you can get 1000 CP, which would land you in Bronze II, although the results will be applicable if you want to get to Bronze I or even higher!

To begin, I want to make it clear that I speak of actually owning the 1000 CP, so I won't include renting as one of the ways to do so. With that being said, renting is part of one of the strategies that I'll present.

So, the 3 different methods that I'll present you are:

  • Buying cards in the marketplace.
  • Buying and opening Chaos Legion packs.
  • Doing the daily quest to receive cards.

Buying Cards in the Marketplace

The first method is just buying cards in the marketplace until you get the 1000 CP needed. Easy, right? Well, there are two ways to go through with this. You can either buy cards that you enjoy playing with, and would help you in battles. Or you can buy the ones that will give you the most CP per dollar.

To see which are those cards, you can go to the market on peakmonsters. There you click on Compare on the upper right corner. And then you compare by Best CP/Cost ratio.


As you can see above, the best cards have a CP/Cost ratio of around 33 CP per dollar. This means that to get 1000 CP, you'll need to spend around $30 with this method.

Note: The method of buying cards that you like, instead of the cheapest won't be included in this analysis, since it would vary on a card by card basis.

Buying and Opening Chaos Legion Packs

As of the time of writing this post, the Chaos Legion Packs can be bought in secondary markets, such as hive-engine, for around $7.9.


To see how many packs would be needed, we would need to calculate the average value of CP that the pack would give. However, I must say that this is just an average, and if you go with this method, you might end up really lucky or unlucky.

First, I'll show you the CP you'd get if you open the back, without any potions.

CardDrop ChanceCPE. V.
Common Gold Foil0.0151251.875
Rare Gold Foil0.0045002
Epic Gold Foil0.000825002
Legendary Gold Foil0.0002125002.5
Average CP per Card23.8
Average CP per Peck119

So, for a cost of $7.9 you'd get 119 CP, which gives you around 15 CP per dollar, so, on average, you'd need to get 9 packs, which would cost $71.1. However, I have to tell you that this isn't advisable at all! Because when you open a pack, you have to make sure that you have 5 Alchemy and Legendary potions for each pack.

Right now I'll show you the difference on using the potions. But first, let's say that you don't have any potions. The cost of the Legendary Potion is $0.04, while the Alchemy is $0.05. This will be necessary to add it to the total cost.

CardDrop ChanceCPE. V.
Common Gold Foil0.02981253.725
Rare Gold Foil0.0085004
Epic Gold Foil0.001625004
Legendary Gold Foil0.0006125007.5
Average CP per Card38.176
Average CP per Peck190.88

As you can see, the expected value goes to 191 CP per pack! This is a massive increase in power, and since for each pack you'll spend the $7.9 plus the 10 potions needed, you'd need in total $8.35 per pack. This gives a ratio of around 23 CP per dollar, meaning that you'll only need 6 packs to get that CP, or $50.1. A much better alternative than opening without potions.

Doing the Daily Quest

For this method you won't need to buy the cards upfront, but you'll need to consistently do the daily quests, in hope to get cards at the end of the day and slowly build your collection power.

And while there are different drops for the bronze league, compared to the rest, I will only analyze Silver+, since it's the most worthwhile league to play in.

Thus, if you rent to play in Silver III or higher, the average CP in each chest is the following.

CardDrop ChanceCPE. V.
Common GF0.007521250/94
Rare GF0.0025001
Epic GF0.000425001
Legendary GF0.00008125001
Average CP per Chest11.6624

So, while playing in Silver III or higher, each chest has, in average 11.7 CP, and since in Silver III you receive 2 chests after each daily quest and 12 chests at the end of season (making 42 chests per season), you'd get, on average 491 CP. So, in a little more than a month, you'd get the 1000 CP.

And another thing to consider is that, while renting, you'd be getting some DEC that you could use to buy individual cards, to make this process faster.

Final Thoughts

After seeing the 3 strategies presented, you have to think, do I want to invest my money or my time in this game? And decide if you're willing to play for a month to get that 1000 CP or if you want to buy it immediately.

You must also consider if you want to buy cards solely for their power, or if you want cards that'll be fun to play with! There are a lot of things to consider, and I'm sorry that I can't answer those questions you may have, but I hope this post was able to help you in making that decision.

If you don't have an account and would like to start playing, you can join through my referral link here!


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