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This week share your battle post theme is The Goblin Shaman, I was very excited because I use this card a lot when I play the fire element.

The battle was a mana of 19, I saw my opponent liked to use the water summoner Alric Stormbringer so I prepared a plan to defeat him.

First I'm going to start with my line up:
Pyre as summoner, I have this summoner in level 2 because my favorite fire monsters are level 3

For the monsters, I picked first the Flame Monkey. I picked him just so he could take at least 2 hits of magic before my actual tank started to get hit. That way because my monsters in the back are faster, it could give me an advantage and take out some of my opponent's back liners.
flame monkey.JPG

I picked Serberus as my tank because it has the healing ability and if used well it can take a few more hits than a no healing summoner.


As my 3rd monster I picked the one and only Serpentine Spy (my favorite card in the game), This card is so powerful that it can take out 2 or 3 monsters before your opponent has a chance to blink. I also have it as level 3 which gives me 1 more life and one more speed.

serpentine spy.JPG

Next I picked the Goblin Shaman
goblin shaman.JPG
At level 3 it gives one magic power to the card, can't ask for better for a 3 mana card that reduces the life of the opponent by 1. I use this card in almost all my battles where I'm using fire as long as the Mana cost allows it.

Last card was the fire elemental, with the blasting ability I can take out monsters with 1 or 2 lives very easily and it also has 2 target power.

fire elemental.JPG

As you can see in the video below, my strategy worked well, I pretty much predicted what my opponent was going to pick and executed my plan very well.

Here is my affiliate link if you want to join the game

This is all I have for today, enjoy the video


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