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Hello there.

Today I'll share my battle under the Aim True ruleset. But first, I will share some of my thoughts regarding this ruleset. With the Aim True ruleset, Melee and Ranged attacks will always hit their target. This also applies to magic attacks when attacking a phase monster. Basically, all attacks will hit their target.

In this ruleset, I usually focus on three things, Speed, Damage, and HP. Since attacks don't miss, some might prioritize speed less. But if your attacks can kill the backline first, then a lot of the opponent's damage is lost. Damage is self explanatory. Since attacks won't miss, take the highest damage monster you have and put them in the backline to wreak havok. HP is necessary to buy time for your damage dealers to defeat the enemy.

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Of course, the ones above are just guidelines. Since we can have up to 3 rulesets in a battle, these can change quickly. If Melee can attack from anywhere I'll probably prioritize them since they usually have really good stats. If everyone has opportunity then I'll add Protect.

I believe that being flexible in battle is the ideal strategy. Check the opponent's history, check what they are most likely to use, and counter it. But always pick teams that can also counter different strategies.

Without further ado, let's get into the battle.

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The Ruleset

BMS AT Ruleset.JPG

This was a Silver 1 battle, and we had the Aim True and the Keep Your Distance Rulesets. A 33 mana battle is on the normal range. I can think of a lot of different strategies for each summoner so I will try to counter as much as I can.

The ideal team for Water is a mixed team of Oshannus and Axe Master. For Earth, it's just Magic. For Life, Range focused is the popular option. For Death, a mix of Magic and Range is viable.

SPL Separator.JPG

The Lineup

Immortalis.JPGDecreases opponent monsters' HP by 1. Grants Void and Shatter abilities to allies.I want to counter Magic Damage, while also reducing their HP in case they want to heal.
Chaos agent.JPG-There are no melee monsters, so I just want a cheap unit on the first position
Regal Peryton.JPGFlyingI know there are no misses, but I want a high speed and high hp monster in my second position in case they are able to attack from the first position.
Spirit Hoarder.JPGTriageI want to heal my backline tank so I can keep on splitting the opponent's damage
GF Goblin Sorcerer.JPGSneakI want to have a way of targeting the backline and try to kill the low health ones which are usually at the back.
GF Goblin Psychic.JPGTank HealI want to be able to heal my Regal Peryton once it is in the first position while also tanking a few blast damage if the opponent uses one.
Mycelic Slipspawn.JPGTauntI want to split the opponent's damage by having a taunt monster at the back. The triage should keep it healthy for a while.

For Keep Your Distance rulesets, opponents usually use Magic Damage since it can ignore armor. With the Aim True ruleset, Range attacks are viable since there are a few Double Strike monsters available. I decided to counter magic, and hope I can kill the backline with my sneak if they are Ranged.

SPL Separator.JPG

The Battle

Link to the Battle

The Matchup

BMS AT Matchup.JPG

My opponent decided to go with a Ranged team. This rendered my Void and Shatter useless. My strategy of splitting their damage also failed, since they didn't have a first position monster that can attack. I'm just hoping my Mycelic Slipspawn can survive with the Triage.

End of Round 1


This battle also proves why Magic is more common in the Keep Your Distance Ruleset. Magic monsters can still attack when in the first position, but Ranged monsters cannot, unless they have the Close Range ability. Additionally, when monsters have the same speed, the attack order is then decided by the attack type. My Mycelic Slipspawn survived because it was able to attack first and put a Ranged monster in the first position that could have killed it.

End of Round 2


My Mycelic Slipspawn finally died, but at this point, the battle is already over. The Pelacor Arbalest can't attack, and the Supply Runner has low HP. I should win next round.

End of the Battle


This battle was pretty one sided. I think my opponent was a bot that was not optimized. If I was using Life Range, I would have used General Sloan to increase my damage. But in a Keep Your Distance battle, I don't really like using Ranged monsters.

SPL Separator.JPG

The Result



While most of the things I want to counter did not manifest, I was glad that my strategy worked. I really like the combo of having a backline Taunt monster together with a Triage monster to keep it healthy. For the Aim True Ruleset, try to go for the best stats. In my lineup I went for the HP focus, since I have the Triage for healing. My damage was a bit lacking, but by focusing most of it to the front and ignore armor, I was able to get the win.


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