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Hello there.

Today I'll share my battle under the Aimless ruleset. But first, I will share some of my thoughts regarding it. With the Aimless ruleset, all monsters have the Scattershot ability. This affects both Range and Magic attacks. Scattershot takes precedence over the Sneak, Snipe, and Opportunity abilities, making all of them hit random targets. Due to the recent changes to Scattershot, Camouflage units can now also be hit by Scattershot attacks even if they are still in the backline.

In this ruleset, I usually try to ignore it and just focus on Melee attacks since I don't like to spread my damage. If Melee is not available, I will try to use Triage, Life Leech, Scavenger, and Protect to try and keep my team healthy, and possibly out-heal the damage.


Of course, the ones above are just guidelines. Since we can have up to 3 rulesets in a battle, these can change quickly. If Melee is available, I'll probably include a Taunt monster in the back to at least spread the damage in case they have the same idea and use Melee monsters.

I believe that being flexible in battle is the ideal strategy. Check the opponent's history, check what they are most likely to use, and counter it. But always pick teams that can also counter different strategies.

Without further ado, let's get into the battle.

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The Ruleset

BMS Aimless Ruleset.JPG

This was a tournament battle, so it was a Bronze battle with Fog of War, Keep Your Distance, and Aimless Rulesets. A 28 mana battle is the about the normal amount. I can think of a lot of different strategies for each summoner so I will try to counter as much as I can.

The ideal team for Water is an Oshannus with some magic monsters. They can also use a healer, but they might lack damage. For Death, a Range team with Ravenhood is an option, but so is a Life Leech team. For Dragon, there isn't a lot of non-Melee options, so it might just be Naga Assassin mixed with the ones above.

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The Lineup

Helios 2.JPGIncreases the Speed of ally monsters by 1 and has ConscriptGladiator cards are really strong so I want to use them. I also want to increase my Speed to hopefully attack first.
Willowisp.JPGFlying, WeakenI want my Gladiator card to start stacking its bloodlust so I want to lower the enemy HP to accelerate that.
Kraar Xoc.JPGScavengerIf my opponent has a first position monster that attacks, I want my second monster to also tank it. I'm hoping the Scavenger can help mitigate some damage
Venari Bonesmith 2.JPGLife LeechI'm hoping the 3 HP is enough to tank some damage while stacking up its HP.
Life Sapper.JPGLife LeechI am going for the Life Leech strat so Life Sapper is included
Spirit Hoarder.JPGTriageSince Aimless is random, I will try to heal my backline. The healing also works well with Life Leech and Scavenger; as the HP increases, so does the HP healed.
Witch of Warwick.JPGLife LeechMy main source of Damage. I am hoping it can get some good hits in and accumulate some stacks while in the backline.

For me, between the lineups I mentioned above, I'd rather go with a Death Life Leech team. I'm expecting the Oshannus to be in the front, so the backline should have low HP, and hopefully my Witch of Warwick can get stacks before facing it. For Death, it's mostly an RNG battle if high value targets get killed first or not.

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The Battle

Link to the Battle

The Matchup

BMS Aimless Matchup.JPG

My opponent decided to go with a Death team which I did not consider. They also went with a flexible comp by having a Magic monster in front that has Void Armor, and Range monsters at the back. Liza Fox scares me because it can kill all my backline in one hit. I'm just hoping my Witch hits either the Naga Assassin or the Ravenhood to get a stack.

End of Round 1

BMS Aimless EOR1.JPG

I was able to kill both Naga Assassin and Ravenhood, and my Witch was able to get a Bloodlust stack. Liza killed my Bonesmith and also got a stack. At this point, it's a matter of Liza hopefully not hitting my Witch, and my Witch hitting Liza. I'm liking my odds a bit, since I have a 50 percent chance of hitting Liza, but Liza has only a 20 percent chance of hitting my Witch. Best case scenario would be Liza attacking my Will-o-Wisp, and not getting a stack.

End of Round 2

BMS Aimless EOR2.JPG

Liza killed my Kra'ar Xoc, and got another stack, but my team decided to be smart and just all target Liza. We were able to kill Liza, leaving only Djinn Muirat left. At this point in the battle, I think I am sure to win the battle.

End of Round 3

BMS Aimless EOR3.JPG

We destroyed Djinn Muirat's armor, and our total damage is enough to kill it next round. My Will-o-wisp won't even die.

End of the Battle


I will have to say that I was surprised that I won that battle. Looking at it from the start it seems like I shouldn't have enough time to kill Liza. I actually checked the battle in Splintertools and after multiple predictions, I had a low chance of winning at 11 percent, a high chance of winning at 30 percent, with the average around mid 20 percent. One of my win conditions was what happened; my monsters focusing Liza. The other was the best case scenario I mentioned of Liza attacking Will-o-wisp and not gaining stacks. Nevertheless I was a heavy underdog, and I managed to come out with the win.

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The Result

BMS Aimless Result.JPG


In tournaments where there are additional limitations on top of the Rulesets and banned elements, I try to make it a point to look at the possible teams and imagine them fighting against one another. I will then choose the team which I think is best. For this specific battle, my opponent used a team composition that I wasn't ready for. I think my they had the better team, and I was very lucky to win.