Documenting My Splinterlands Knowledge - Battle Rulesets and Strategies Part 2

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Hello there.

In my last post I started discussing some of the Battle Rulesets you can encounter, as well as strategies for them. Since there are a quite a few of them, I decided to split them into multiple posts. This is part 2 and I will now continue with the other rulesets.

Healed Out Healed out.JPG

All healing abilities are removed. Earth and Life take a bit of a hit here since they have a lot of healers and are rendered useless. Repair is a viable option since less players will play Earth magic. Scavenge and Life Leech are still viable options since they increase the HP instead of healing.

Heavy Hitters Heavy hitters.JPG

All monsters gain the Knock Out ability [Does double damage when attacking an enemy that is Stunned]. This is a straightforward ruleset. You need monsters with Stun to take advantage of the ruleset. Void and Shield are a viable strategy for defense since they halve the doubled damage.

Holy Protection Holy protection.JPG

All monsters gain the Divine Shield ability [Reduce the damage of the first attack received to 0]. Blast ability is very useful in this ruleset since the damage to the adjacent monsters disable the Divine Shield. Double attack types / Double Strike are also useful to quickly take down the shield. Make sure to focus your attacks so you can kill their monsters faster. Abilities like Scattershot that attack randomly is not ideal since they can hit different targets and may take time to kill a monster.

Keep Your Distance Keep your distance.JPG

Monsters with melee attacks may not be used. Magic usually has the advantage here since they can still attack when in the first position, as well as ignore armor. You can normally place your healers at the back, since there are less available monsters with Sneak that are not Melee. Non Melee Opportunity monsters are also few in Bronze/Silver so the usual strategy is to go Front to Back. If you don't have a taunt monster, try to place a tanky unit in the second position to protect against Snipe. Units with high speed and Void/Void Armor/Magic Reflect are good front tanks since the speed can help make ranged attacks miss, while also dealing with magic attacks.

Little League Little league.JPG

Only monsters and summoners with mana cost of 4 or less may be used. For starter cards, Fire usually has the advantage with the Antoid Platoon's Shield and the Serpentine Spy's Opportunity which provides great value. Water focusing on Magic can counter this since Kelya provides additional speed and protection.

Lost Legendaries Lost legendaries.JPG

Legendary monsters may not be used. This is pretty straightforward. If you have Epics, try to use them since they provide the best value.

Lost Magic Lost magic.JPG

Monsters with Magic attacks cannot be used. High Speed, Dodge, and Flying are good here to make your enemy miss. Shield, Protect, and Repair are nice Tank and Support abilities since all damage are physical.

Melee Mayhem Melee Mayhem.JPG

Melee monsters can attack from any position, but abilities still take precedence. Melee Sneak and Opportunity still work as intended. Tarsa is usually good in this ruleset since Melee Damage, and Health are increased. Be careful of Water with Serpent of Eld since it can cause a lot of attacks to miss with its Dodge and High Speed. Even though the Ruleset is Melee Mayhem, you are not limited to just Melee. Magic and Ranged comps that specifically counter Melee comps can still be used [Shield/Flying tank, Protect, Repair].

Noxious Fumes Noxious fumes.JPG

All monsters are afflicted with the Poison debuff at the start of the game. Monsters with Immunity have the advantage here. Cleanse is the top support ability to help keep your tank alive. Resurrect is also a good ability since the resurrected unit is no longer poisoned. Monsters with self Heal are good options since they can usually outheal the 2 poison damage. Units with Scavenge are also viable since a lot of monsters will be dying, and they will increase their HP if they survive long enough. Lastly, in high mana battles, try to put as much High HP monsters in your team to try to weather out the opponent.

Odd Ones Out Odd ones out.JPG

Only monsters with odd mana costs may be used. Fire usually has the advantage here since a lot of their strong monsters have odd mana, and the other summoners have their strong monsters unavailable. Water can also be an option since they still have their Healer, as well as the Serpent of Eld to deal with Fire Melee.

Reverse Speed Reverse Speed.JPG

Monsters with lower speeds will attack before monsters with higher speeds. Miss calculations based on speed will also be reversed. Bloodlust monsters decrease their speed after a kill. Fire is usually strong in this ruleset since a lot of their strong units have 1 speed. Units like Sand Worm are really strong with their High Attack and low speed. Using Kelya is usually disadvantageous because it adds speed, so if you want to use Water, Drake of Arnak is the better option.

And this is where I'll end part 2 of Rulesets and Strategies. The next post should be the last one. As always, these are Not Financial Advice, and Do Your Own Research.

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