Documenting my Splinterlands Knowledge - Rentals Part 2

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Hello there.

In my last post I discussed about my Rental strategy and thought process. I am structuring my post based on abilities, and looking at cards that have good value at Bronze levels to help newer players get started.

Last time I discussed about cards with the Affliction ability, this time, I'll be discussing the cards with the Amplify ability. With the addition of Thorns, Return Fire, and Magic Reflect rulesets, Amplify has even more use cases now.

Let's get to it.

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Amplify is a good ability to use especially when the Rulesets include on of: Briar Patch, Counterspell, or Return Fire. For those using starter cards, most of the monsters that can use amplify are in Death and Earth. Some cards get Thorns/Magic Reflect/Return Fire eventually, but in higher levels. The cards below are the ones that fall within my level requirements of [3 2 2 1 Common Rare Epic Legendary]:

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Grandmaster Rathe is a summoner that I sometimes rent before, when I am able to find a cheap deal. I won him in the Splinterlands TV giveaway last month, and I barely use him. This is because a lot of the cards that can make use of his Amplify are above the 3 2 2 1 levels. So I need to level up my Rathe to use those, which costs a lot. The Void Armor is useful, but it requires other pieces like Adelade Brightwing to be really powerful.

Dax Paragon 2.JPG

Dax Paragon is an Epic Life card that costs 2 mana with 1 Magic Attack, 2 Speed, and 3 HP. It gets the Amplify ability at level 2. The level 1 card of Dax Paragon is a cheap card to rent but the level 2 get a big jump in price due to the Amplify. The 2 mana with 1 Magic attack is already really good. The 2 Speed and 3 HP makes it even better. With those stats alone, even if it doesn't have the Amplify, if I can get it for cheap, I will definitely rent it.


Cabalist is a Rare Death card that costs 7 mana with 2 Magic Damage, 2 Speed, and 5 HP. It gets the Amplify ability at level 1. Similar to the Dax Paragon, the level 1 card of Cabalist is cheap to rent, but the level 2 goes higher than my ideal budget. I think the cause of this is the smaller amount of cards available at this level since Riftwatchers is a mini set, and Death has more cards in the Bronze levels that can make use of the Amplify. Cursed Windeku and Owster Rotwell both get better with the Cabalist. The stats of Cabalist are not that impressive for a 7 mana card. Add to that the mirror matchup with Thaddius Brood, and his attack goes down to 1, and HP to 4. He is definitely going to be good mostly on higher mana battles.

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As seen from above, there aren't a lot of cheap and viable options for Bronze level cards with Amplify. Death has 1 card, while Life has 2. All three are not that cheap to rent, unless you get lucky. Life has difficulty using the amplify, while the Cabalist is a bit high mana for its stats. They are definitely better with the right rulesets, but you will have to weigh if their rent is worth it.

The River Nymph[Rare] and Venari Spellsmith[R] get Amplify at level 4, and Queen Mycelia[L] gets it at level 2, which are the max in Silver. Not only do they usually have bad CP/DEC and DEC/day, I will also need to rent higher level Summoners to use them which would also cost more.

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That is it for my Amplify Rental post. I plan on making one for every ability, and the next one will be on Backfire. Don't hesitate to let me know what you think, and if have suggestions for improvement.

And as always, these are Not Financial Advice, and Do Your Own Research.

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