Documenting my Splinterlands Knowledge - Rentals Part 3

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Hello there.

Last time I discussed about cards with the Amplify ability. This time, I'll be discussing the cards with the Backfire ability. Since there is only one bronze level card with the Backfire ability, I'll also discuss about silver level cards.

As a reminder, I am structuring my post based on abilities, and looking at cards that have good value. Since I use my limited rental income as the funds for my rentals, I also take into account the cost of renting these cards. I look at the DEC/day, and CP/DEC when making decisions.

Let's get to it.

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Backfire is a honestly a difficult ability to use. This is because it needs other factors to work properly. Backfire deals 2 damage to the monster that misses its attack on the monster with the Backfire ability. For attacks to miss, one monster needs to be faster than the other, or there should be other abilities that increase miss chance like Blind, Dodge, and Flying. Phase is needed for Backfire to work on Magic attacks. For those using starter cards, there are no level 1 monsters that have the Backfire ability.


Aquatus is a summoner that grants the Backfire ability to ally monsters. I don't rent Aquatus, because it usually has a low CP/DEC ratio, and I don't consider it a strong card. This is because of the explanation I said above. Backfire needs a speed difference and some abilities to work. While some Water monsters have Dodge/Flying, and high speed, Water also has Kelya that increases speed and gives armor. In an Aquatus vs Kelya matchup, Aquatus is already losing in Speed, and their first Backfire damage will be blocked by the Kelya armor.


If there's any advantage in using Aquatus in Bronze, it's that it is an Epic card. Level 2 Epic summoners can use up to a Level 3 Rare monster, as opposed to the Level 2 Rare monster that other summoners are limited to. Level 2 Epic summoners are 3 3 2 1, while Level 3 Common, Level 2 Rare, and Level 1 Legendary summoners are 3 2 2 1 [Common Rare Epic Legendary].

Silver Level Backfire

Naga Assassin 4.JPG

Naga Assassin is a Rare Dragon card that costs 2 mana with 1 Range Attack, 5 Speed, and 3 HP at level 2. It gets the Backfire ability at level 4. For Bronze, the level 1 card of Naga Assassin is already useful at the back to deal with sneak attacks. The level 2 card is better with 3HP, and is still really cheap to rent. The level 4 card with the Backfire is still a really good deal. It goes below 1000 CP/DEC sometimes, but it is worth it.

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Riftwing is a Common Death card that costs 4 mana with 4 Speed, 6 HP, Flying, and Scavenger. It gets the Backfire ability at level 5. For Bronze a level 2 would be enough since it gets 1 additional HP. On a Noxious Fumes ruleset and Thaddius Brood mirror, that extra HP can help you win. The level 5 card with Backfire for Silver is obviously better. Even if it is your last monster remaining, the Backfire can still help you win. Riftwing having Flying also increases the miss chance, so more chances of activating Backfire. At level 5, Riftwing gets very popular and actually drops from my filters.

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As seen from above, only Aquatus is the option for Backfire in Bronze. Even at Silver, only two monsters get the Backfire ability. To be fair, Backfire is a relatively new ability. And since it requires a lot of things to increase the miss chance and be stronger, having it in the higher leagues makes sense.

I have faced a few Aquatus in Modern Bronze tournaments, where they were able to take advantage of the level 3 Rare monster usage. Naga Assassin and Riftwing with Backfire are definitely strong cards that can be used in bronze and in Silver.

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That is it for my Backfire Rental post. I plan on making one for every ability, and the next one will be on Blast. Don't hesitate to let me know what you think, and if have suggestions for improvement.

And as always, these are Not Financial Advice, and Do Your Own Research.

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