67 SILVER CHESTS - Season wrap-up


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The splinterlands season spanning over the first half of November has ended.
This was a moment in time characterized by some heavy turbulence as far as the world of crypto is concerned.
Hopefully nothing as dramatic will happen for the remainder of 2022.
What caused this mayhem was the capitulation of the FTX crypto exchange.
Many hyperbolic statements have been made; it will be interesting, somewhere down the line, to look back at this moment characterized by uncertainty.

Personally, in this little time capsule I'd like to include a snapshot of the current state of the market.


No time like the present to do some shopping!
There's many assets that one could potentially acquire at this moment in time.. DEC, SPS, vouchers, packs and so on..
I've reasoned and I definetely think I want to keep focusing on improving my chaos legion collection further rather than trying to get something going on with the riftwatchers set.

The big opening of the end of season chests was particularly underwhelming this time around.
A couple of epic cards, specifically a revealer and a djinn chwalla, were the best of the bunch.
However, as the video testifies, there were a lot of potions and very limited SPS rewards.
Aside from that, during the whole season I was able to put aside 55 SPS from the daily chests and battle rewards.
Guild brawls started paying out in SPS as well and as a reward for the contribution in my small guild I earned 3 additional SPS tokens or therebaouts.


For the sake of completion I also included the 11 chests I couldn't quite open yet during the recording.
As you can notice by the slight increase in quality these are gold chests rather than my ususal silver chests.

So far I've always been battling in silver but this season I messed up and at one point I advanced into the gold league by mistake.
Now, this isn't the end of the world and it actually gives me the option to see for myself, in my very specific situation, what the difference between playing in the two leagues with minimal rentals is.

As a result of playing in gold I will be earning slightly better rewards for my daily focuses, it will basically be a straight-up upgrade.
However the end of season chests will be a different story as I won't be able to open as many and it remains to be seen wether or not the better odds for packs, better cards and more SPS will make up for the difference.
Depending on how it will go I will decide wether to remain in gold or choose the painful road and drop back down to silver for the season after the current one.

As far as the rising star accounting is concerned, during the 15 days period I was able to earn around 30k starbits, which are worth around 0,29$ currently.

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