Good Cards in Oppotunity odd match Ruleset


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Hi Splinterlands friends,

I had a battle with Equal Opportunity Ruleset and only Odd Mana cards allowed to be used.
I found useful cards with Odd Mana in this opportunity Ruleset Battle.

No 1 : The Vigilator

The Vigilator is a legendry Dragon Monster Untamed card (9 Mana) which can hit 2 melee and 1 archor twice in level 1 (because of Double Strike ability) so in total it can reduce 6 lifes from enemy monster each round. Moreover, it has 8 hit points and pretty fast Monster with 4 speed so can last longer in battles.Vigilator card.bmpThe Vigiltator Dragon Legendry Monster

No 2: War Chaang

War Chaang is a Neutral Epic Monster Untamed card with 7 Mana. It has 2 melee and 1 archor with Retaliate ability. It has 3 speed and 8 hit points again long standing monster in this battle.Warchang card.bmpWar Chaang

No 3: Sand Worm

Sand Worm a good Sneak attacker with using Equal Opportunity rule can destroy enemy monster with lowest life (5 attacks at level 1 at the end of each round)Sandworm Card.bmpSand Worm

No 4 : SoulStorm

This Epic Death monster with 2 hit points 5 Mana and Fly ability is a good monster to put in your team.It has a miss attack chance because of Fly ability and all enemy monsters attacked it 1st and missed thier attacks.Soulstorm.bmpSoulStorm

Summoner used:

I used Drake of Arnak Rare Dragon Summoner to add +1 more shields to my monsters.Drake.bmpDrake of Arnak

Enemey team

Lord of Darkness Legendry Death Monster with Enarage ability could not find an opportunity to distroy my monsters thanxs to my front thanx to my Robo-Dragon Knight Dragon Legondry with 8 shields.

Haunted Spirit Rare Death Monster which could not heal erfectly because of my Vigilator 6 high number of attacks.
The Gorlodon Epic Death Monster which could not use the opportunity and missed attacks to my SoulStorm Epic Dath Monster with fly ability.
The enemy team also had War Chaang and Robo-Dragon Knight but missed attacks and speed to my team.

The Gorlodon.bmp Lord of darkness.bmp

Battle Link

Battle Ruleset : Equal Opportuunity, Odd Ones Out, 46 Mana Cap

Battle Images:

Round 1.bmp

Round 2.bmp

Round 3.bmp

Round 4.bmp

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