Immunity of resurrected Card to poison

poison immune.png
image by @bittrio

Hi Splinterland friends,

I had no idea that a card after being resurrected is immune to poison till I played this match.This feature is cool and helped me to stay my Taunt even longer against my enemy.

The Taunt I used ShieldBearer has 9 hit points and 4 shields in level 1 plus 3 shields added from the PeakRider Summoner in white Splinter.


When ShieldBearer get resurrected in Round 3 by High Priest Darius legendry White Splinter, it got 1 hit points plus 7 shields totally immune to poison.

It helped me alot to stands againts mostly archored team which had no chance from poison and my magic attacks.

Ruleset: Noxious Fumes , Equalizer , 99 mana cap

Battle Round images:
Round 1.png

Round 2.bmp

Round 3.bmp

Round 4.bmp

Round 5.bmp

Battle link

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