couple bragger packs maybe other information



this pack I'm pretty happy about it's my first gold gladiator card
also is an epic in there too which is nice with weaken




so I broke house I went to my cards sold lots of them so I can buy a plot of land so I have a plot of land now and I'm wondering about a totem maybe and with that being said is that I'm still winning fights and matches but I have to rent some cards now as in I don't have summoners anymore at least not till the levels and I only had two teams really anyways and the card one car that I wish I didn't sell was that new Carnage Titan price keeps going up for that card is why but also it's a good card but I didn't get used to playing with it anyway so I don't miss it that much but I wish I would have sold it still I could have sold other cards or waited but anyways I got a plot of land and when splitterlands turns into a metaverse Screenshot_20220331-174031.png which it will watch hopefully that I catch a legendary with a castle you know what I'm saying and hopefully that my little investment would have turned out into being way more like $100,000 or something like that or hundreds of thousands of dollars
what should be very nice for my future and all things said the 🏰 will be pretty nice too now beings that splinterland will be a metaverse and the good news is no matter what it's impossible for it not to be cuz why wouldn't it the reasons why slenderlands is probably not saying metaverse they probably just don't want to attract the wrong company
into the game because if they start saying metaverse then they get all these metaverse weirdos
to come in and buy everything out real quick and then I don't even play in the game you know what I mean that's what's going to happen it's going to be a minute I already know they just don't want to attract the wrong crowd
other names in the news is this card