overpowered cards must happen I'll counterfeit them myself


so my first card that I just made I'm sure it's great artwork it should be easily sellable I could blend right in with the rest of the cards except you won't be able to hit it very easily and you will get smashed by it probably solely by itself but they should be cards like this and splinterlands because there should be for fun just because the cards that piss you off cards cards the cards that make you sad soon as you see them on the screen cards cards you know the babe Ruth the Mickey Mantle cards
Screenshot_20220227-120105.png the Kobe Bryant middle gem's card you know that kind of stuff you know that special summoner the neutral summoner where you can use any card you want mix them all together with four what's force field and giant killer and close range now we got something there the screw Kitty f***** llama card you know the absolute puppies card you know what I mean a bunch of snarling dog summoner card f*** it rat pack wolf pack card the tank of the Year 25 speed 10 hit with Pierce block shield and void three Mana cost 9 hearts seven Shields a level one level two trample cripple and reflect magic and resurrect and level five and we're talking common card here I got 10 levels level 10 the card should be reading from the top down on the sides of the card all the abilities all of them the whole entire deck of abilities bloodlust you name it that kind of s*** then we have a sense of game game game game game game where everybody's like f*** oh f***
hey or we can have a game like bulldog wants to have a summoner with some f****** squirrel in it what's that squirrel baby squirrel or whatever the hell a summoner of some squirrel I mean come on right
I mean I think we can come together on this game with an understanding that there is no way to win sometimes already there isn't that but let's make it so so you cannot be defeated sometimes tell somebody else got that overpowered super blood Dusty McDonald's card the best card you know that Bugatti these are all just thoughts and if these cards come out like that I'm talking about this is investment advice
I would advise you to get those cards as quick as possible at the cheapest price you could cuz they're just going to go up and up and up cuz they're going to be fun smash people with
Screenshot_20220227-121906.png cuz we really could use that summoner you know a summoner like you know screw llama he ain't doing good enough is he I mean let's take this for instance this would be much better

to be the more f****** around in slenderlands as I can say or as you can notice he won't be able to f****** pick up your pockets they'll be all bunny ears and you'll be about as much to talk s*** as smart as you can as fast as you can and hope that nobody knows who you are and there'll be nowhere to hide and that's all I can say so That's all folks until the next episode love @pasture