really good live show on @splinterlandsHQ right now youtube

you guys are answering questions about land at least about what to think of land is going to happen is but not good hopes good things @gank @walkingkeys are doing a good job spreading a great message out there for $lands they're answering everybody's questions pretty much from what they interpreted as which is all good news I guess one plot like I got is enough if that's what my journey can handle to pay for
I didn't get quite to the nitty gritty answer of whether splinterlands is going to be a metaverse or not but inevitably everybody just so you know it will be
it has to be it's going to be there's no way around it I just don't think they want to gather the wrong crowd splinterlands themselves actually cuz then you get all the metaverse weirdos

I've been over this before
they're making it sound like that if you open up the packs of land or whatever they are at the same time then you'll have to be around the same region or something like that I'm not sure if they're correct or if that's right or true but by myself only have one plot right now hoping to get more so I won't have to really worry about it so far hopefully I can end up with a couple more before it comes out someone land that legendary w/ a 🏰 on it would be nice to turn my $340 investment and to hopefully $100,000 or more a year or more that's what I said or more
get me off the streets of splinterlands ```

well that's it for today before my phone runs dead I'm out watch out for snakes and slenderlands


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