The rundown the infestation of splinterlands

let's start with the pros and cons
pro number one if they beat you I don't think they're going to remember s*** cuz who's watching anyways there is no day or them it's just collection day that's another con that would be certainly simple to eradicate these m************ think about it this way anybody less than a 26% energy capture rate is a f****** bot nobody plays that much not even me and I play all day everyday I play a lot fnow my concern is the silver infestation I mean f****** bronze is already f you already know that right but now silver has got these new bots in it f*** load of them can't even fight a regular person sometimes you'll see I'll show you I'm sure you've noticed yourself that's your luckier me and I just got to fight all the f**** I'm not saying they're good or bad I mean at the game certainly sometimes they can win but I mostly beat him but I mean they're not the worst bots you know I mostly win anyways versus anybody another con these new silver box they're leveling up cards slowly and surely they are I'm seeing as more their bots advance the more level up their cards are so somebody smart actually somebody that's not just like oh that's just pill as much as we can out of this game for this reward system now there's somebody that's like let's set up to take over the reward system because we're prevalent is that the right word it doesn't matter it's causing distraction it's causing me to want to know why the hell it's happening without stopping it I'm talking I'll show you you'll see what I mean like there's no way nobody plays this much there's no such thing as this many accounts for one person has the same kind of names same kind of b******* same kind of I'll prove it and maybe somebody could do something about it if they cared so much as to or if it doesn't illegal what it is and I guess then I guess we're f***** even you I'm not talking to you talking about somebody else talking to them I mean who thinks I'm talking about me or talking about them being lame well they're wrong and they don't even know what's playing around is but I do and so do you who I'm talking to you that was an overseer not like the 🍄 seer pro another pro here came the box are still pretty dumb they really are now sometimes they have a good scheme but most of the time they don't so they're not too hard to beat but like I said they are leveling up and every suit too because they don't discriminate on they don't care you know what I mean so they pick whatever they think however it does it I don't know how it works so pro is they're not too hard to beat but they do win sometimes I do admit and that's stupid they should never win again at least not beat me I get pissed mad and I see their energy capture rate and it's like why the f*** are they even playing still what do they get f****** slivers those little slivers in the million times a day cuz I keep on into playing them more than I play a regular person in silver right now pissed that's ridiculousness is it gets I'm not talking about you I'm making a post on my blog checkout jackass at the ATMs f****** like what did you say I don't edit s*** at least I try not to sometimes I have to you know what I mean I don't censor myself pretty much I don't I might go back through it have to since for myself that is but I try not to so I try not to have to say anything that I shouldn't I probably wouldn't if I knew it was best for me I wouldn't you know what I mean no shoes the hell don't want no but to have the top selection on my pics so when you flip through you can see some dumbass bot shots okay so let's get in some better news another pro how about pro cards we'll do some pro card flip throughs and show you some cards that everybody should have in the collection and silver if you don't then that's probably why I'm going to beat you and if we're lucky I think we do have some some random slime balls or chickens that were thrown at me this this last couple days I'm pretty sure I do I usually get them every day but I always forget to take screenshots and then I forgot to go back how many battles I do and then I'm like oh man they threw the slime ball I forgot to screenshot it and then I'm like forgot to go back before the battles go ran over out of my Battle log and all that s*** so it's like you know I try to remember though I'm going to have to keep my fingers crossed or a little x on when I play or something

so starting right in on the cards that everybody should have and notice the leveling like as in this is the lowest leveling that you want to have in silver for these cards that I'm show you and you can have everybody gots the card maybe everybody has the card maybe but if it's not the same level as I'm showing you or if it ain't higher level at least then it's not going to be the same benefit that I'm trying to tell you about all right starting out with card number whatever in the order they are as seen below


okay so in the pinch order like as in low menace or whatever the rule set may be this card could either help or not do s*** but it still is a good one to have and your arsenal just in case it helps or it doesn't you know what I mean for people who have played this card at this level at least and I mean you could actually play this one at a lower level as long as it got so Little Star on it for heal diamond star you whatever you call it not so important I would say this card but I mean hey there it is it happened to make the list for today next card and no particular order


okay and this whole list you got to have the summoners to use the car too I admit but still even if you didn't have the summoners and you have the cards in the future you may have the summoners you know what I'm saying but here comes for one of the mother cards of the whole ordeal this is actually maybe in comparison with the I do have a new grand finale on this whole thing I'm going to let it loose on the end but for now this was once one of the two hands down best tanks in the game hands down but now there's a third really good tank that maybe I'm still waiting it's comparison but still for now this is still one of the two hands down best tanks in the game better than chain going better than anything you can imagine the game this one or there's one other one as well they won't be mentioned in the list so I'll go ahead and tell you who it is it's the green unicorn which can be even used at a lower level and still be very prevalent or prevalent same words now let's not get all technical on rule sets aside I had to get all technical the ATM machine just now the same jackass who's like what you say it turns out he's a total doofus and I had to help him for like about 5 minutes try to figure out what's going on with his stuff and how to use an ATM machine I mean to no avail has in turns out he only has five bucks in his card and maybe somebody jacked his ass cuz he's all pissed f*** him anyways I loaded his card right into my account and I'll put that right back into this game splinterlands don't tell him I said that cuz it's not really true either next card sounded nice though didn't it

so here you hear you hear you this above dragon card I mean what is there not good to say about this card there's no block there's no shield there's no void but I'm talking this love I don't even know what the rest of it does cuz I have no use for the rest of it yet I'd like to catch one turn gold on me I could use that and sell this one cuz I know the value was going to go up cash legion is f****** awesome set too f****** good so f****** good at f***** up all other sets and you can't even win without using these cards I swear to God if you get your ass kicked nowadays God damn it okay okay you want to get more in depth the depth of how smart this card is is ridiculous it can be very very accurate on who you probably should hit I swear to God for me it is and it likes to blast more than one person it really does hitting it up that level too is where I wanted to go with it too I already know it was going to do what I wanted to do because before it would always hit who I wanted it to hit I swear to God this card's connected to my mind if you playing against me with this card I'm going to want your card not hit s*** and you probably going to miss me even with magic you know what I mean so miss me with that s*** right after I will then if I have the same car in my lineup which I probably might it's a good idea for me to use this card if I have enough juice for it then I'll put it right there in my juice box and I'll let you have it which I'll hopefully blast more than one card and especially I'll be aiming for your deep lurker cuz that f****** pisses me off what a great damn car it is though too sell your dragon jumpers now right next card we don't have all day I'm walking to the store to get cigarettes for my b**** been going through girls like a mother f***** had two girlfriends and then I had young girlfriends and then I had one girlfriend then I had two again and then now I have one and that was not the same one as the one the other one took off before that and now my ex girlfriend came back and so now we're good just me and her I'm going to stick with that how's it going 100% always good I'm trying to figure out what you doing smokes here but you guys have like a big old things to roll them you guys have a big old rolly things of them l lol l poop.. and see that's how I know the pinky sitting here watch me right now like punked you know with a f*** I can't remember his name Ashton kushner she didn't watch me I think it's we got f****** myself Justin Bieber f****** somebody cuz the microphone seems to catch a lot of extra stuff as in I thought they would not be to record me anymore haven't said a word for like 30 seconds as I was gathered my sense to figure out what cigarettes I want and some of that conversation came out the store clerk he must have said poop I left it at that on edit f*** Eddie I send a book you know what I mean next card

you know this card can maybe be overlooked by The forgotten one forgotten one may be able to be just as good just so you know I'm not exactly sure maybe not just as good maybe nearly as good or something good about the other you know it has the same one of the reasons why I put it on there I mean it has that poison juicer f*** the name that's what it is nothing you won't get juiced when you got that little green or blue guy on there little sickly ill little vomiting blue emblem ability oh sorry wrong ability that's the other one that does like you know I have to check it every time to see what it does you know not the vomit anyone girl it looks like a girl and some old man as I cross the street jaywalking drives by right as I get to Ash in my eye and tells me very nicely smoking good idea next card

you might not think so unless you get leveled up right but this card is very effective it definitely definitely definitely deserves to be reward card like it is but level your card up make sure it's ready to go and this card for an earthquake matches is very nice this card for how do you say sneak matches or opportunity matches is really great card I promise you that a lot of times it gets missed it's pretty fast it likes to be missed I promise it doesn't want to be hit it's nice thing about flight and speed together the next card I don't have much to say about the next card that's not true next card very similar same thing I said about this car replies to this card the next card except for it does get hit though it does take hits more often I mean but still has flights so there it goes the next card here it is

this card may or may not be your friend I mean I got it like that but this card will win earthquake matches by itself it seems I've seen a lot of times when I forget to use this card because I don't check the rule sets that this is the damn way I lose just that card itself by one heart every time and I found what I use it and it's applied for what its use case is definitely best for that I win the same way too A lot of times surprising we're not surprising at all I seem to happen so many times this card is the winner for the earthquake
next card

okay now noticing that some of my leveling might be off because these are all cards that I personally own that I have on here so if it's over what you can use in silver dummy it down I hope you know what I mean it'll happen automatically for you anyways so there it is okay so this card I win matches from it after it's already been dead it happens quite often car dies but so does the cards I've touched with it or card depending on the rule set so it's a hefty poisoner and a nice bleach bleach leech I also have a feeling that another card in the chaos legion that's came out the new what they call is it the leech or something like that it's another death card of the same kind of b******* as this one that well it doesn't have poison though so poison is like the main reason why I put this on there but also likely is one of the better abilities in my opinion but the other one that I'm saying that could kind of be in this list I haven't got it up to that level to tell you if it's worth that level yet or not but it's going there it's going to get there soon I hope sooner than later I just always have cards in my prevalent selection I'm using good words today I hope that'll make it so I'm leveling up them as I see fit and that one is on the list it's maybe next it just depends on how close it is versus another card maybe at the time but it could be maybe on the list minus the poison which is the special good one that's why this one's on the list likely to as well but it has the lower points the other one does have higher points for the juicing next card

I have a lot of the same things to say about this card as the card previous to it or before it or above it and no particular order are either one of the cards better than the other and if I had to pick one I would pick this one over the other one because it just seems to poison better and it has an extra hit point anyways for the juicing too bad it wasn't an actual juicing I mean though I mean pour the juice to go down and so at the same thing said about do you know the kill other cards after they've already been dead or after this car dies same stuff yada yada next card

okay no your car doesn't have to be gold you know what I mean but it does want to be level 5 I think it's at least level four wants to be on this card whenever you got that affliction too it's real nice to be able to f*** over the other guy but not letting him get no more extra juice cuz a lot of times you'll notice they're playing the same card but they don't have the affliction so they don't stop your juicing but they get used not much more to say about that but next card let's see what we got and no particular attention to the ordering but it will have a grand finale I promise and the conflict of my own interest but it's very interesting my conflicts maybe have a three some to the best tanks in the game for silver okay next song below in the documentary about it wordplay hope you know what I mean the ceremonial speech it could be the death of them it took into consideration

well everybody take heed to thou speaks what was your first card you noticed in the chaos legion standing out because here's mine I have seen above the deep worker card there's no f****** joke many of times has this card wrecked my team but now the card is effectively wrecking other people's teams for me I try to always put them in there first and then have to slide them over even if I forget he does a pretty good job of wreck he takes a good handle out and then I usually can get the good on them the handle for the good and open that door up to the next round and try to keep that that wind streak above 60% payout extra which has everyone must know it's kind of hard to say above that 60% anyways that's fabricated I usually am about 30 40% I stay at maybe I'll lose back up to 30 40% again and I'll lose maybe but I've been a part other than 60 I've only had 15 wins in a row because the real sets I always f****** space off I keep my girlfriend naked all day long and she's sexy I put her clothes on her when I'm ready to take her somewhere with me for me to show you a photo over I'd have to censor the photo and then I would be an NSFW too just because she's pretty like tarsa different color hair though I do wigger into tarsa every night though or 17 you know Android 17 or you name any other she'll slide right into that categories with the simple wig and the word of the day is cosmology I don't know why I'm going to go with that though having nothing to do with cosplay word of mouth my show my blog could easily be as much channel or in a system now if that being said next part if it comes the grand finale the grand finale oh oh and wait for it wait for it wait for it awesome commotion give it a good 30 second wait before you see what might very well be another to the two already hands-down tanks which are in order both are it's hard to say which one's better than the other but I guess if I had to pick one I guess it's going to have to be the green unicorn because that level one is still the badass tank even level one now level two the robo dragon is you know between that and the Green lantern unicorn I mean the green unicorn horse Trojan guy whatever the condom with that being said with no further Ado is maybe another triplet added to the tank selection the new triplet maybe I'll tell you soon in another post if it is really for sure cuz I've only had it to the level I wanted it at for a couple days now I've had very good desired results I've also had some failures because it might not be right but I'm saying on the hands down best tank but it is maybe something that I'll have to decide whether it is and I'll tell you in a future post for those who are staying tuned or sticking in on this channel because I will tell you no lies and I will tell you good surprises if I have any and I will find a glitch in the game I promise you that one of these days I beat Twitter just so you guys know on Twitter I've went over a 120 letters when they used to have 120 letters and I am the actual reason why that they made it so you can have 240 letters because I can show you screenshot of the stuff that I've done on Twitter and you'll be amazed by it because nobody else to do it nobody and they were mad at me and I have to do the developers accounts legally and I did it all with mathematics I did it all with my well I don't need to tell you how I did it I could just show you what I've done and now all the guys at Twitter love me and they they couldn't ban my account cuz I wasn't doing nothing illegal nothing at all not a damn thing I haven't been doing it lately cuz I got bored with it really because it shows people off and some of the stuff I did made people block me because I think it really messed up the their account or something weird I'm not sure when I take the handle off somebody's handle and they have like a floating handle or if I mix somebody's handle with somebody else's handle and if they touch the name then it goes to somebody else's account like cuz it's not even their handle it just says her name on it so I don't even know if they've seen it or whatever I've got I'm not sure how it works I really don't know how it works what happens I know what happens when I touch it and I'll make sure to get those screenshots in for you right here I'll leave a big old space and I'll come back to it so I will get those in there before I finish this post so I'm going to take a bunch of spaces right now for the wait for it wait for it the grand finale of the cards I'm showing today for what you should have in your arsenal and silver for the win......
but actually with no further ado I'm going to just show you the card now and then we'll get to that space so you done waiting for the card I know it here it is


so this car got trampled this car gets pissed off his car does get very mad it jumps up from there to at least five hit points and then when it hits a car and it tramples and it f**** their s*** off and when it does get in a trample match it's not as effective as the desert dragon I would say for a trample match that is but it's more effective than the desert dragon for a trample matching in general it has more juice has more Shields it doesn't die as fast and it does get mad too but it's the same hit points as the desert dragon which in my opinion maybe my new favorite card the desert dragon but it does if not use effectively or right it dies off real fast but when you do use the desert dragon right it's f****** smashes teams you f****** win the whole team and the first round it's ridiculous how bad ass the desert dragon does now this car I haven't had as good results as the desert dragon but I can tell you I've had better results in general as in the car doesn't die in one round either when it's placed wrong or whatever you can just look at the card as seen above the grand finale and just figure out the good uses that it probably does do and how it might work and you see the people playing with their boss and everything or regular people playing their cards using this card in general which is trample alone at level one and winning a lot of matches very effectively and I really don't think that that new water summoners really that good but that's what they're using it with and they're getting good results very good I've noticed I don't let him beat me very often but I have been beat by them just so you know I've adjusted my cards so that I won't lose to it cuz I don't like to lose at this game I tend to get very butthurt I wish I could talk s*** no I wouldn't but you know it'd be nice if you can talk to somebody you know sometimes I want to say something to somebody you know getting good credit tell him why I lost tell him haha now here's that space that I'll show you my Twitter stuff as I get to the end of this post talk go through my screenshots I have in my drive or photos whatever so I'll put that space in so don't forget for you guys so I don't have to look for it either cuz that would be really annoying to have to read the whole thing over cuz I'd be editing in a way which I don't do that no this is not a translator if you want it in any other language I will post my post all of them and any desired language no problem let me know in the comments..























I don't know how this one got in there or where did that come from oops or whatever same with a lot of them noticing how one of my Twitter tweets I was talking about is going outside of the tweet that messes up everything it goes into the next days tweets somehow it goes into the future that's what I figured it stretches out the thing now like I said so remember when I said something about 120 letters Twitter used to be they changed it to 240 letters because the math I used to make it the tweets that I would do and I've made way better ones from this I guess I don't have screenshots of them I don't feel like looking through my Twitter account to find him you may as well go ahead and look you can find it yourself but there's the best tweets in the world in there never done you're welcome baby did you eat all of it you're going to be fat I'm back to what I was saying so yeah I lost my train of thought yeah my brain is lost I lost my whole brain don't know what I'm going to do where I'm going from there but anyways something to be said is welcome to slenderlands for newcomers and other stuff like that hint and so since I lost my train of thought I'm going to stop that right there and when I get back into my next topic which is I'm going to have to skip a few and get down to the bottom so I had to go back to track and do this I did it out of order from the order I was going to do it in so make sure everything confused

and so I put in some extras cuz I couldn't find as many of I guess I was doing it so often that I didn't take as many screenshots as I once thought I had or I don't know where they are is still cooking dinner

I must check on it now simmering actually now I'll have the glitter later this is slenderlands and all I can't right now baby hold on moreover some kind of before and after out of water kind of stuff order water water order
all right kids it's how cool is planning lands is I'm now home in the splinterlands to cook my naked girlfriend dinner who's sexy as f*** naked as f*** and splinterlands in the dark game dork game it may be a dork game it may be this kind of game that kind of game but I can tell you one thing I'm a f****** p**** fanatical and I get girls all the time and I play splinterlands instead of f****** him sometimes while they're begging me to f*** em okay don't forget splinterlands is the game
so initially the s*** talk of this whole post was supposed to be about this f****** bot bags that are inside of the f****** splinterlands silver league now but they're just f****** redundantly all over the place like I fight them sometimes a couple three or four fights in a row and get sick of them and maybe I don't know sometimes when I beat him but when I beat when they beat me and I noticed how much they only get paid nothing for it and then I look and see what's going on I'll just show you what I'm talking about and if splinterlands checks us out whoever's in charge of something remove these m************ accounts if it's okay and if it ain't okay then I guess we're f***** cuz I'm sick of playing these f****** computer dicks f****** computer m************ why don't they just let their s*** at least get back up to where they're getting paid something I mean take a look at the screenshots I got for you guys here and then we'll see if we can pull out some slime balls or some f****** throwed chickens at me game























































I don't want to give these d****** body counts that are infiltrating the silver f****** too much anything credit they've got enough from right just this in my post f****** piece of s*** you know f*** them though really though you know they're f****** up the game you know why cuz they're saturating the game for their own little gains they're just milk in the f****** rewards milk and the s*** and they ain't even f****** smart they're f****** dumb you see how much a little little f****** just how much they running they're running the f****** s*** into the f****** ground they're getting like nothing and that's but they're just going to do like I mean wow I can't stop fighting them I fight them three times four times in a row it's f****** stupid I don't want to fight some f****** dumbass robot f*** splinterlands if that's what it's going to let him happen they need to f****** do something about it it would be so f****** easy as you can see how easy I can point him out so good day but they should f****** off their m************ s*** they got a problem with that they should suck my f****** dick then f****** dumbasses I'm not very happy with splinterlands in a lot of aspects as and they don't give a f*** about the little guy with no money their whole f****** voucher system they got so much f****** cash money now I swear to God they're just still going to be greeted out $4 a pack for cash legion what the f*** some of the packs are okay now speaking of packs ended up bitching about splinterlands my favorite game f****** parts though that's f****** stupid they should ridiculously move all them d******* out of the game bots are a big problem in my opinion they really really are sucking up all the rewards from f****** point f****** 01 on a million times a day though ridiculous is stupid as f*** next is speaking of packs a couple of good packs that I had since last time I showed any good packs off the bragger pack game
mo old cc > Quote









so I think it's guess it's going to be time for the show me that slime ball show me that slime ball or how do you say throw that Chicken I think we might have a couple interesting slime balls or chickens of the of the since last post game of the game the slime ball game throw that slime ball throw that chicken and I'll try to remember to screenshot you and put you in the post I get a bunch of them everyday I guess it's a respect thing a little kid got somebody's phone somebody's first day they ran out of time they're falling out who knows what the reason is but I get it so often I think it's on purposefully done like they know they can't win and I like the slime ball better than all I thought I made it up I think I did make it up I remember one day I played immortal gods and I was like I can't beat them cuz I was like in bronze and somebody from immortal gods and I was like f*** I can't beat him so I threw the chicken at him and then that was that and then months later I made my own guild and my guild was the fastest rising guild and that was pasture's open and I don't know if you know but it was stolen from me the guild was very sad story The guild was 2 months old 55 crowns and we went from the bottom to the top and 103rd rank the day it got stolen can my girlfriend talk to me or I don't want to hang out with her or I'm just going to play on my phone she says so I'm going to finish my blog and then I'm going to do whatever she wants me to do I just cooked her dinner and I didn't good enough so the blog is going to have to get finished and then I can f*** so back to the slime ball game told me that chicken





if I've already posted these on a different blog I can't remember so there they are anyways and I try to remember to screenshot stuff more often if I remember to I will try to get more chickens and slime balls on there you guys just keep on throwing them my way keep handing little kids your phone keep on having your first day and keep falling out or it's a respect thing that you know you can't win you do whatever you want throw me that slimeball or chicken and I will put you on my blog I hope I must look through and see if I can find any more splinterlands related stuff that I was going to post in my ideas that I collect up in my brain and my brain's head of ideas my big old bobblehead of brains with jiggling Jello in it

and another congratulations to this guy for winning the f****** splinterlands car drawing I mean who would have thought that he would win I mean well he he post this on every single post I've ever seen anywhere this guys just like a freaking spammer and he hits the drawing well no wonder he's probably hit a lot of drawings now they think about it that's a good idea I'm going to do a bunch of spam and I'm going to catch a bunch of drawings just because I just going everybody's post I know it's just regardless I got a bot that sets it up and does it for me besides for I don't really like bots especially not steam blots bots like the box that run steam it f*** those m************ f***** f****** dick head bots on steam it f*** steam it anyways spell check ABC check mark yeah I was on steam it and I had some money in my account and everything and then they f***** my account over so I just found some brand new Venezuelan girl that just joined steam it and I just sent her all my steam money that I had hbd or f****** who gives a f*** it's STDs is f****** steam it money pretty much f*** steam it spell check again like I said next let's see if I can get a better topic going towards my splinterlands way but give thanks to the f****** winner of the f****** drawing of somebody else's blog there because you know why wouldn't he win as much as that guy post s*** on everybody's every time I have a thing is hilarious gang stalking he's getting stalking me just hit the getaways with the giveaways with his gang stuck in spam b******* have you guys ever looked at his post so if you look at his little replies he got some nice looking website like it's really well presented with a bunch of crazy ass b******* in there but it looks real nice you should check it out that's great for psycho s*** that ain't really happening now let me check over again see if I got any more topics for you guys for the day if not it's going to be buudoww



yeah so that's just it I hope you got enough feel of your most interesting pastures outlooks on the whole entire ordinary deal of the game that isn't so ordinary anymore after my outlandish attacks upon the ordinary people that play it I smash into ordinary pigeons and cocking conceited as it may seem I'm very happy to do so as I scoff pasture's a name that I made just for splinterlands as I was making my account I decided to think of the best name that splinterlands would have the best name for splinterlands only the very best names for Lance could ever have and it's mine there it is pasture love pasture and the sound of a car stomping on the brakes till it's ending and forever float your boats also forgive any typos that I got in here I'm not going to edit anything it's first come first serve on your complaints any of them you can put in the comments I'll answer them all but I'll fix nothing not even next time and onward with the show and now I'm off to battle hopefully not just bots though it's getting thick and thin 0wai8 my girlfriend never mind I'll be back on the battle a couple hours