SplinterLands, is it a Good Game?


Hello, today is 1week of me from starting Splinterlands,
when I first got into Game, kinda promised myself to get back the 10usd i spent for the Spellbook ROI.
that means not spending DEC or adding DEC,
but as i progressed i found myself spending my dec on rents, and i saw how much potential there was in getting more success in the game. without thinking much i added more DEC.

I Ranked up and got my 1st ever cards from the Daily rewards

Big SMile on my face, just getting one,

Now out with that long intro, Splinterlands to me isnt a good game.... its Great NFT Game!
A few reason why i think so.
-first one would be, how affordable it is to get into the game

-the value you get as a beginner, variations of cards you can build without spending that much. to compare on other games you spend a small fortune your stuck with the same NFT for a few weeks or even months.

-the things within the game and good economy, you got events, guilds, you can Rent cards,easy to sell, and buy potions to improve drop rates. exciting stuff

-the community and splintertalk. what i like about the community usually what i read about is more on the positive side having fun and getting better, i think this relates to again how beginner friendly it is.
oh and splintertalk i think its pretty cool they have this, brings the the community closer. even got contests and also give you some earnings as well some good Reads too.

-Stablity, since it has been running since 2018 it has proven is self to be a stable game.
and if i missed anyting. feel free to share.

just sharing my thoughts.
have a Good day all :)