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It has been an exciting weekend for the Splinterlands community after the team published the whitepaper for Land v1.5.

This huge drop kept the land owners busy as they try to figure out the best and most cost efficient way to maximize the production points for their respective lands. To help the community in deciding which cards are best to buy as land workers, we added a new Compare by page on PeakMonsters: BEST PP / COST RATIO.

Read The Secret of Praetoria - Phase 1.5 whitepaper here


Compare by BEST PP / COST Ratio

With this new compare page, PeakMonsters users can now easily see which cards are the most cost efficient to buy as land workers.

You can see the Production Points (PP), PP/Cost, and Price at Level of the corresponding cards on this page. The PP/Cost column is automatically sorted from the highest to lowest PP/Cost so that you can quickly see which ones are the best to buy to boost production points.

Best PP/Cost Ratio

We also added the BULK buy tool inside the compare page so that users can quickly buy multiple BCX copies of these cards without having to move to another page.

Checking market listings from Compare page

But if you prefer to look at listings first and then make your purchases from there, this is also possible inside the compare page! You can do so by clicking on the magnifying glass icon beside the cards. This will show you the available listings of these cards in the market, and then you can add these to your cart and then proceed to buy.


Aside from the automatic sort for PP/Cost column, users can also sort the PP column which will then show cards with the highest production points at the top.

Sort by Production Points

Production Points in Collection Page

We also added a new column in the Collection page to indicate the corresponding production points of each card.

Production Points in Collection page

This new column can be sorted, making it easier to see which cards in your current collection will give the best production points.


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