Collection of Guides for New PeakMonsters Users


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Great introductory post to PeakMonsters. Perfect for those who are just getting started in using PeakMonsters.
Straightforward post on combining, renting, and buying/selling cards in both Splinterlands and PeakMonsters. Tip: Use the Post Outline on the left side to quickly navigate through the topic that you want to read.
Learn how to easily sell cards in bulk with PeakMonsters
Detailed video guide on renting Splinterlands cards with PeakMonsters; Note: "Bulk View" in the video is now in the "My Cards" tab
Topics: Renting Power, Evaluating Value of Current Rentals, Mass Renting Out Cards
Video walkthrough on quickly listing your cards out in the rental market. Note that there are slight differences in the current interface to the one in the video, but it should not be a problem.
Learn the advantages of BUYING and SELLING cards in PeakMonsters. Includes Step-by-step tutorial.
Learn about BIDS for CARD BUYING feature of PeakMonsters. Includes a Step by Step guide on how to use it.
Step-by-step guide on using PeakMonsters BIDS (for card buying) feature.
Great video explaining the Auto Rental bids feature and how to use it
Walkthrough on using the Auto Rental Bids feature of PeakMonsters
Encountering problems within the platform? Check out the FAQs in this post!
Not a PeakMonsters feature -- but increasing Resource Credits is a common concern among renters. Learn how to increase your Resource Credits using Splinterlands tokens in this post!


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