Sending out all PeakCredits in the PeakMonsters Account


We are completely shutting down the old peakcredits system used in the past for the old rentals v1 system.

We will be sending out all the PeakCredits that are still in the PeakMonsters account to our respective users. These are the credits that was used for the old rental v1 system, which was completely shut down in January this year. To send all the PeakCredits left in the PeakMonsters account, we will be forcing a withdraw on the owner accounts.

We have already sent out all Hive related credits. The remaining STEEM credits in the account are still being sent out. Note that more than 70% of users on STEEM have already received their credits.

Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 6.38.14 PM.png
PeakCredits Sample Transactions

Access the transaction log of the PeakCredits account here.

You may read about the switch to Rentals V2 in this post.


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