Status of PeakMonsters Guilds - New rule for Generals - Feeder Guilds


There are 6 Guilds with a GENERAL
Generals are totally in charge of all decisions of these guilds.
PeakMonsters does not have management control over those 6 guilds.
There are now 3 feeder guilds... i'll discuss those in this post

We happen to hear the Generals talking to eachother that they are searching for really good brawlers. In particular Gold Foil players. There are a couple of guilds that have their own method for finding players and are not looking for players at all. Also you have to be a very good brawler with a lot of cards to be considered for a couple of the higher guilds.

There is a discord channel for peak projects and a section of channels for PeakMonsters

#pm-guilds is probably the best place to talk to generals. Remember you are NOT requesting an invite from peakmonsters team... we do NOT run these guilds.

These guilds will accept only brawlers and if you don't brawl then you will likely be removed. Unless you mention that you would have played but there wasn't space available.

Welcome our newest Guild that will be a 3rd feeder guild for the other guilds


These are called feeder guilds because we suspect Generals will look at who is performing well in these guilds and sent invitations to those players.

These guilds may also turn into full guilds IF we find a General to lead them.

Feeder 1 -
Feeder 2 -
Feeder 3 -

In general it will be harder to get into feeder 1 or 2 ... but you can apply to all 3 if you want. However just know there are hundreds of requests so the best way to be noticed is with a high rank.

Advice to those wanting to get into a guild
These feeder guilds do not have a general (aka no one in charge) so there is no one to talk to in order to get your invite expedited. IF generals of other guilds are interested in using these feeder guilds you can tell them to add you to a feeder guild so you can prove how good you are at brawls. From time to time I may personally (@jarvie) visit the guild and remove those who do not brawl and add a few more people to see who ends up brawling. But I am not a General so do not request from me or PeakMonsters to be accepted to these guilds and the 6 Generals may not be interested because maybe their guilds are already full. You're gonna have to give them a reason to consider doing the work to add you... like telling them you're really good at the game or have a good gold foil account etc. haha

In general if you request to join these guilds the higher your rank and collection power the more likely someone will accept your invite. These guilds have many hundreds of pending invite requests.


  • PeakMonsters 100% owns these guilds even if we do not manage them in any way.

  • PeakMonsters so far pays the building costs of these guilds in particular store, barracks and arena. We are not comitting to pay all expenses specially when the price gets into hundreds of dollars per upgrade.

  • There is potential that Splinterlands will add SPS as a reward to brawls and when that happens maybe there will be more incentive to pay for the higher cost upgrades. We will discuss that with the guilds and maybe both parties can cover those expenses in the future.

  • Generals typically should be asking other generals questions specially for strategy. Any command strategy given by @jarvie should be considered just random advice of a random person who happens to know the game... it is not to be considered strategy from PeakMonsters command and Generals can do whatever they want.


So far our Generals are awesome and this does not apply to them since they've been great.
NEW RULE: Generals MUST be low maintenance and low drama for PeakMonsters.

Our marketplace is 1000000x times more important to us than these Guilds. These guilds have only been an expense for us and do not provide us with ANY direct benefit... only the indirect benefit of allowing us to help our users. We have spent millions of DEC on these perks for our players. We do recognize we own an asset that MAY potentially have more value some day so we don't feel these investments are a loss but also they are not our business.

If these guilds are a determent to our actual business... We hold the right to shut down all our guilds and sell them off if they become a source of drama for our actual business which is but we don't think this will happen if we have Generals that are low drama. Also low maintenance because we really want to spend our time building and not have distractions from that. Also this rule helps protect the continuation of the PeakMonsters guild system by allowing us to not have to shut down the whole thing but maybe just one part.

How to enforce this rule: W'll let the other Generals decide if the Drama filled General should go. So they'll all have a vote and then @Jarvie and @Asgarth will also each have a vote... majority decides.

If there are Generals that want to apply please read our original post with the rules
and also consider the rule above as well. When you apply you'll also probably be talking to the other Generals for most of your questions. In fact PeakMonsters will likely get the opinion of the other Generals IF they think we should add you as a General.


I have sent a request to "PeakMonsters Feeder 3" Guild... let's see if i will be accepted!