YGG Brawlers (Hel) - Brawl Report #18

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Hello to all fans of the Brawls! We are the Hel-Brawlers, one Squad of the bigger Brawlers and Yield Guild family. We like to play the game for fun and rewards, and what we took extremely seriously are the Guild Brawls. Here is our battle report #18.


Prep Stage


We are currently fighting in Tier 2, so we have to fill 16 Frays each brawl.


Select your fray! We are a very active guild, which means, that we have more members who are willing to play Brawls than we've got frays. For that reason, we have implemented a rotating system that makes sure that everyone has the chance to play in the brawl and to make sure that we play the best we can! What does that mean? The last 3 players of the last brawl in terms of results are rotating out and the next 3 players can join. The highest DEC contributors get the first choice of frays.

Combat Stage

Time to fight! We've got a total number of 106 battles this brawl. The battles of Fray 2 are shown below:

Battle 1: LOSE

Link to Battle 1

Used Gladiator Card: Flagulon Reine


Battle 2: LOSE

Link to Battle 2

Used Gladiator Card: Quora Towershead


Battle 3: WIN (FLED)
Battle 4: WIN (FLED)
Battle 5: LOSE

Link to Battle 5

Used Gladiator Card:


Battle 6: WIN

Link to Battle 6

Used Gladiator Card: Bertol Gobson


Result Stage



We managed to get the second position. The distance to the #1 is about 5 wins, but the second place is a very good result. We were rewarded with 54 Crowns, 2,7k merits and about 28 SPS.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions to our guild, feel free to contact us here.
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