Flames Tournament


Phoenix Arcade Through the Fire and Flames Tournament


Checking in in the midst of the second round of the first of our weekly tournaments.

We had a turn out of 85 players join in for this Fire-themed bronze-level competition.
Good luck to you all.

Scrolling through the roster of competitors, it’s great to see some big names
(@ueyuey, @schnapoon we see you!) and some big guilds (immortal gods, t&a, and more) all representing.
@gank, @infidel1258 - your guilds are all here, we expect to see you turn up in our upcoming tourneys!

We are proud to have put together such a successful competition on the first go-round - and huge shoutout to our server organizers for putting it together.

In case you missed the sign-up period for the competition you allways have the next one.
We are giving away a huge pool of DEC and Chaos Legion card prizes to the top 10 finishers in each of our upcoming tournaments.

Our next competition is set to feature the Water splinter, so count on competing for an ample DEC haul and a Kelya for the top prize - but, of course, the top 10 places will each be receiving DEC and cards to help grow their Water deck.

We will be running splinter-themed competitions as we work our way through the remaining splinters (with a summoner card for each of the respective splinters as a top prize!), so come one, come all!

Thank you to all of you that entered and participated - we look forward to seeing you compete for Kelya and more!

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