New Reward Cards!

Authored by @@bjangles


Holy moly folks. Big things are a'comin here in @Splinterlands. A new ranked reward system AND new reward cards??!

I'm sure we are all feeling like kids counting down the days to Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Festivus having caught a full reveal of the new reward cards that are about to be bestowed upon us.

Without further ado, let's get into the new rewards cards.



Venator Kinjo


This is the modern man's ooze (for those at gold and above). With a significant upgrade. Impenetrable vs anything (minus earthquake) when placed in the back line, the latest neutral legendary should satisfy all creeping ooze fans, and then some.

While the value for this card won’t be fully realized until he enters into gold leagues, he'll immediately be inserted in lineups to create a buffer between the 4th and 6th monster - think a Blight, Djinn Biljka or Magi Necrosi camped out in the back equally untouchable!

I’ve a creeping suspicion that this will be my most often played of any of the new reward cards.



Dhampir Infiltrator


A double strike sneak monster that can inflict cripple x2? Yes, please.

That equates to up to the equivalent of 6 damage per turn!

Paired with Uraeus, plus insert your favorite splinter’s sneakiest monster, a whole new back-line-attack lineup potential will be available to us.

Always love me some Dragon cards and this one is no exception.



Ever-Hungry Skull


Though we’ve seen this flying, bobbing noggin already, the allure has not wavered.

This guy will be present in a ton of rulesets and will have an immediate impact for the very dangerous ranged back line monsters that team death offers.



Immediately in contention as one of my favorites of the new cards, this guy will go nicely with the djinn murat in a 1-2 punch. The speed differential is nil, so we’ll see the djinn fire first, but reverse speed will see these two deliver 8 magic damage per stun. David Blaine stuff. Not to mention knock out rulesets.

Can’t wait to reveal this card as part of my lineup.





This vampire wolf may sound like the latest Italian culinary trend, but he’ll be the one feasting at the Splinterlands supper table.

Armed with scavenger from the get-go, with dodge playable at gold and enraged triggered at diamond, Vulguine will be a beast by the time he reaches the tank position.

Sick ‘em, boy!

Jared Scar




This hungry, hungry hippo ain’t interested in just eating marbles. Walloping foes with his studded thunder stick for 6 damage with true strike, piercing and bloodlust at gold level, it’ll be a race to erase this fella from your opponent's lineup before he brings the pain down on you.

This card will be a blast to play with.



Vampire bat


This little league eligible, flying, dodging blood sucker is gonna be a huge pest to swat out of the sky. Will be a nuisance in earthquake rulesets hiding behind the Mercenary, too.

Lotta value with 5+ hp and 2+ melee damage at gold and beyond.

Great common card.

Vampiric blossom


The little shop of horrors has listed it’s cube / baakjira/ almo antidote for sale. While extremely niche, earth’s latest Venus fly trap hybrid is ripe for delivering punishing blows to those foolish enough to toss a giant, unarmed tank in front of it.

Will be fun to slap a giant cube of jello with 12 damage at a time and watch it jiggle.





Another card that will find a welcoming home in the 4th or 5th spot of little league battle lineups, life leach and cripple will part the sea towards victory for team agua.

Not my favorite card of this reward release, but I’m sure he’ll be finding ample play time in a spot ahead of the beloved bandit.

Tide Biter

tide biter.png

Armed with reach and protected by the newest ability, shield protection, this could be an interesting and pesky play in those matches where blast is expected.

A big 'ole taunt up front with a crew of healers and ranged/magic/sneak monsters to back it up could chip away at the competition, one bite at a time.



Blood Maker

blood maker.png

My least favorite of the reward cards, and probably because I don’t own a Yodin, this angry fella scattershots a crippling ranged attack for a max of 4 damage.

That said, I can see this guy making me eat my words with Yodin leading the way, though, as a blasting cripple attack sounds like it will be quite, well, crippling.

Countess Sinash



This bombshell is easily in the running for the most devastating card since at least doctor blight.

Opportunity, life leach, camouflage, affliction AND swiftness? She will be in absolutely every Yodin lineup as soon as she drops. Game changer.

Heard @aftersound already call a potential nerf incoming, and I can’t say I disagree, but we’ll perhaps be getting a new legendary summoner in Fire (or Dragon) that will create greater parity amongst Yodin owners & the Splinterlands plebs like me and allow for us to maximize the potential for this fiery vixen.


Fire has historically been my least favorite & least played splinter, but the Countess looks to be like a card that will instantly change that for me.

Do any of these reward cards seem like one that will draw you to playing a particular splinter more often?

Which of these are you most excited to get your mitts on? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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She's just too powerful with Yodin! Just makes me want a Yodin even more lol