Phoenix Arcade Brawl Results Are In

It's Brawl Time!!!!!


Good evening all
We are back today to take a look at how the Guild's in the Arcade did this round. Without further ado we will jump right in.


First we take a look at Phoenix Paladins

A good turn out as always from the Paladins, just pipped to 1st by Hodl My Dec.
The losses sadly hurt the Paladins and this is what caused their loss this brawl. Their brawl rank average is a very nice 2nd so that's a good show of their strength. Keep it going!

Goldboy and Mozimo with flawless victories in their battles, so hats off to you both, great wins for the team!


phoenix 2.png


Next up is Phoenix From The Ashes

A very respectable finish from the folks from the Ashes. 5th place taken when going up against some real heavy hitting guilds on this one. Very impressed with the results and the rewards for their never give up attitude.
We are proud of you all, taking on the big boys is never easy.
Currently the Guild has an Average Brawl rank of 7. 100% Fill rate is also very impressive.
Keep up the good work.


Ashes 2.png


Onto Phoenix Ivy

Phoenix Ivy really meant business here. Some good Guilds with them for this brawl, did they let that bother them? The answer is NO!
They continued on their winning path and claimed that 3rd place finish with a flourish.
With an average Brawl Rank of 3 these guys don't mess around.


ivy 2.png


Phoenix Rizen are here now

Just wow, Rizen were up against some top ranked Guilds in this one. A really good turn out for the Rizen team, congratulations on your wins team.
A 7th places finish is not to be mocked when you look at the competition and how close all the Guilds are in wins. Really really good work and looking forward to the next brawl from these guys.
Average Brawl Rank 4


rizen 2.png


Last but not least we have Phoenix Hatchlings

The Phoenix Hatchlings team pushed for some good results but sadly were paired up with more big Guilds than I feel was fair on them. But It didn't stop them gettings the wins in, placing not far off of 4th and potentially could have hit 3rd with a few more sneaky wins!
A really good attempt by the team, really proud of them and a great effort.
Their Average Brawl Rank of 4 just shows you how good these guys are.


hatch 2.png


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