Phoenix Arcade: Graveyard Wars Themed Tournament Starting May 12th!

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Graveyard Wars Tournament Starts May 12th 2022

We launched our fifth and penultimate tournament in this series of Themed Tournaments for @splinterlands! This new Tournament is Death Themed! All prizes aside from DEC rewards will be Death Splinter cards!

As we begin to round out this inaugural series of tournaments from the Phoenix Arcade Team, we just want to give an extra Thank You to everyone who has participated so far! It's because of this great community that we do what we do. Thank you all!

You can get more information on Graveyard Wars here: HERE

Make sure to claim your spot for Graveyard Wars before it starts: HERE

Sneak Peak at Next Week's Tournament

Dragon Clash:

  • Bronze
  • Anytime
  • 24hrs
  • Multiple Rounds
  • Min - 4
  • Max - None
  • Group 8
  • 2:20 TTS
  • Modern - Chaos Legion - Untamed - DICE - Rewards
  • No Legendary Summoners
  • 50 DEC Fee

All prizes will be DRAGON Themed! Stay tuned right here for more information!


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