Phoenix Arcade Is Recruiting For Our Splinterlands Guilds!

Phoenix Arcade Is Recruiting!


Welcome! We hope over the last few weeks everyone has become somewhat acquainted with our team here at Phoenix Arcade, and the Giveaways and Tournaments we put on weekly! Aside from all of that we also run 4 @splinterlands Guilds! We have players from all around the world with a shared love for the game, and we strive be real contenders in Brawl battles as we push our way up the Overall Leaderboards and battle it out with some of the biggest players in the game!


Enter Phoenix Hatchlings Our On-Boarding Guild

Here at Phoenix Arcade we strive to not only have a home for seasoned players who are very experienced in the game, but also to have a home for Newer Players. Players who are active and just learning but want to become better and grow with other players around their level. Our Seasoned Veterans and organized Discord Community can help you achieve that and much more!

It's here in Phoenix Hatchlings where we have created a home for players who are looking to hit the big leagues. Phoenix Hatchlings also has lower cost for Dues and Building Upgrades to help our Newer Players acclimate to the way that Guilds progress and grow! From Hatchlings, you'll learn and grow, and as we watch your progress as a player you'll become eligible for a spot in one of our 3 Main Guilds!


Here's Who We're Looking For

  • Must Have a Spellbook
  • All players need to be active
  • When called upon to participate in a Guild Brawl, please be there to submit teams
  • Must have Discord, it's here where we coordinate for all our guilds, brawls, tournaments...etc.
  • Contribute to conversations and help others if you're able
  • Keep up with any Guild Dues (these vary Guild to Guild)

If you're interested in Joining our wonderful team and growing with us, apply in-game Here and contact any of our Guild Management @dazed-wanderer, @rayzzor, @seeyouinlumb in our Discord.

Check Out All Our Guilds!


Join us for fun and games, contests and prizes in our Discord: HERE
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