Phoenix Arcade Is Recruiting For Phoenix Hatchlings!

Phoenix Arcade Is Recruiting!


Welcome! Phoenix Arcade is Recruiting new members for our various @splinterlands Guilds! We currently have 7 Guilds in our ever-growing community, some of which we're actively recruiting new members for! Find more information below!


Phoenix Hatchlings

We have several open spots in Phoenix Hatchlings! Want to grow together with a team and climb the ranks in Brawls? Phoenix Hatchlings is the place for you!

Here's What We Have In Phoenix Hatchlings

  • Hall/Lodge: Level 3 (+3% RP Bonus in Ranked)
  • Arena: Level 2 (Tier 1 Brawls with 1.5x Crown Rewards)
  • Barracks: Level 2 (Can Use Gladius Cards Up To Bronze Level Cap)
  • Store: Level 2 (+20% Merit Bonus on Brawl Participation + Can Buy Gladius Packs From Guild Store With Merits)

Here's Who We're Looking For

  • Must Have a Spellbook
  • All players need to be active in Ranked battles, either Modern or Wild
  • Must be able to participate in Guild Brawls
  • Contribute to conversations and help others if you're able
  • Contribute to Guild Dues, currently 175 DEC Per season total. *See Guild Guidelines Channel in Discord for breakdown. *Amount subject to change as guild grows.
  • No Alt Accounts (we have another guild for Alt accounts for members of Phoenix Arcade)
  • Must join our Discord server for coordination and guild decisions, we also do Giveaways almost every week!
  • English Speaking Guild

If you're interested in Joining our wonderful team and growing with us, apply in-game Here and contact us in our Discord server in the Recruiting Channel!


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