Phoenix Arcade Splinterlands Themed Tournaments Starting Apr 15th!

Welcome to Phoenix Arcade!

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Through the Fire and Flames Tournament Starts Apr 15 2022

We launched our first tournament in a series of Themed Tournaments for Splinterlands! We'll be kicking this off with a FIRE theme! All prizes aside from DEC rewards will be Fire Splinter cards!

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Sneak Peak at Next Week's Tournament

Underwater Skirmish:

  • Bronze
  • Anytime
  • 24hrs
  • Multiple Rounds
  • Min - 4
  • Max - None
  • Group 12
  • 2:20 TTS
  • Modern - Chaos Legion - Untamed - DICE - Rewards
  • No Legendary Summoners
  • 50 DEC Fee

All prizes will be Water Themed! Stay tuned right here for more information!


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