Phoenix Arcade Themed Tournament #2: Underwater Skirmish!

Authored by @Phoenix Arcade

Welcome to Phoenix Arcade!


We're a group of Splinterlands Players with a passion for Crypto and P2E projects. We currently have 4 Guilds in Splinterlands; Phoenix Rizen, Phoenix From the Ashes, Phoenix IVY, and Phoenix Hatchlings. We're in the process of growing our wonderful community of like-minded people through fun and games, collaboration, contests, tournaments, and giveaways!

Our previous @splinterlands Tournament, and very first in our series Through the Fire and Flames went really well. You can see the results HERE


Phoenix Arcade Themed Tournament #2: Underwater Skirmish!

Screenshot 2022-04-18 120617.png

Our second Tournament will be Water themed! It'll Start on Apr 21st with Multiple Rounds. Aside from the DEC Prizes in-game, we'll be giving away Water Splinter Cards as prizes! We're trying to make sure as many people can participate as possible, but still keep it competitive, so we'll be making this tournament Bronze League with a pretty low buy in, just like the previous one!


Here's the Details!

  • Deadline for Entry: Apr 21st 2022 11:00AM ET
  • Bronze Cap
  • Anytime
  • 24hrs
  • Multiple Rounds
  • Min - 4
  • Max - None
  • Group 8
  • 2:20 Team Set
  • Chaos Legion, Untamed, DICE, and Rewards Cards
  • No Legendary Summoners
  • 50 DEC Entry Fee


  • 1st - 400 DEC + Kelya Frendul
  • 2nd - 250 DEC + DiemonShark
  • 3rd - 200 DEC + Merdaali Guardian
  • 4th - 150 DEC + Deep Lurker
  • 5th - 150 DEC + Angelic Mandarin
  • 6th - 100 DEC + River Nymph
  • 7th - 50 DEC + Flying Squid
  • 8th - 50 DEC + Hardy Stonefish
  • 9th - 50 DEC + Kulu Swimhunter
  • 10th - 50 DEC + Cruel Sethropod

You can join the tournament here: HERE

Please join our Discord to claim your card prizes: HERE

We're currently doing weekly @splinterlands Chaos Legion Pack Giveaways. You can find more information on our current one HERE


Join us for fun and games, contests and prizes in our Discord: HERE
Follow us on Twitter: HERE


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